In case you missed the big news in FBG land, it’s our birthday week! (Get all the posts here.) And one way we like to celebrate each year is with some sweat.

‘Cause there ain’t no party like an FBG party, ’cause an FBG party don’t stop!

Kidding: this one actually stops after 11 minutes.


And — less exciting but equally important — the birthday giveaways end next week. But, save this workout and it’ll last forever as a go-to sweat sesh you can do at home or at the gym! You need zero equipment for it so it’s easy to do anywhere, and you can choose the intensity, so it’s good for beginners and advanced peeps alike. Not to mention that it’s also full-body — with strength and cardio mixed in.

And, yep, 11 moves in 11 minutes is in celebration of our 11 years. Fun, huh?

Of course, you could do this twice if you wanted a longer workout, even three times through if you were feeling particularly sassy!

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