Apple has unveiled updates for iPhone, Apple Watch and a host of other products – as well as its most powerfil computer ever: the Mac Pro.

The company is hosting its Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC, where it revealed all the major software updates it will be pushing out to the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV later this year.

Unlike other events such as the iPhone reveal, none of these new updates will require paying up for new products. Instead, they will come in the form of operating system updates, which will bring a whole host of new features to most existing iPhones.

Apple will unveil iOS 13, for instance, the new software that will power the iPhone. That’s widely expected to bring a new dark mode, better multitasking features for the iPad, and changes to the way the phones store health data.

The general thrust of many of those updates have been revealed through leaks and rumours. But nobody outside of Apple knows exactly what the updates will look like – until 6pm UK time or 1pm eastern, at which point Tim Cook will take to the stage and reveal the future to the world.

There’s been no word on price for the Mac Pro, but I wouldn’t be surprised if its pricetag is as astonishing as its specs.

The display is equally impressive and is the largest Retina display Apple has ever made.

Here’s more details on this mega machine:


Apple unveils most powerful computer ever

Apple has revealed the Mac Pro, its most powerful computer ever. It is a modular computer – complete with a silver design with holes in it – that is intended for professionals who need as high performance as possible. It was revealed alongside a screen, into which it can be plugged to create a desktop-style computer that holds vast amounts of speed.

It contains two Thunderbolt 3 ports, two USB-A ports, two 10-gigabyte ethernet ports and “the world’s most powerful graphics card”.


Oh, and you might be pleased to know it also has a headphone jack.

It looks like a cheese grater, but this is all to make it possible to cool its the hugely-impressive components inside, all powered by a whopping 1.4 kW power supply.

Everything until now feels like filler. This is the headline news. It is a monster of a computer.

Massive news: The Mac Pro

Here’s more about iPadOS:


Apple reveals whole new operating system

Apple has revealed an entirely new version of its operating system devoted to the iPad. The software, known as iPadOS, is a special version of the OS originally made for the iPhone. Until now, the two Apple devices have shared the same operating system, in different versions. But Apple said it had split the two apart to give the iPad new features to take advantage of its

“We’re bringing desktop-style browsing for Safari on iPad,” Federighi says.

But it’s all to demonstrate how iPadOS supports, among other things, multi-window capability, split-view from within a single app, pop-up previews, and keyboard shortcuts.

Federighi has a lot of iPads in that picture…

This was rumoured just before the keynote began, big news.

“Introducing iPadOS”

Siri is now able to read out incoming messages as soon as they arrive through AirPods. You can then dictate your response for Siri to send back. 


Some people online are already making a rather obvious point…


Time for Siri, with updates for AirPod, HomePod and CarPlay.

Justin Titi is now on stage to show off pictures of his daughter in Photos. Some cool new features, including “zooming out” to see photos from a specific date across several years, like someone’s birthday.

Here’s what that Memoji makeup tutorial looked like:


Please allow a moment for the live blog to load.

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