Juul e-cigarettes have become very popular among teens since the launch of these products in 2015. Today, many high school seniors are investing in a Juul starter kit that comes with a Juul device and flavors. The device features pods and a charger. Juul pods are inserted into a Juul device and used inconspicuously.

Juul Labs note that Juul pods come with 5% nicotine in 0.7ml of e-liquid and flavorings. The labs claim that this is the same as the nicotine that is contained in one cigarettes pack or 200 puffs. There are five flavors of Juul pods. These are Crème Brulee, Cool Mint, Virginia Tobacco, Fruit Medley, and Mango. Other limited edition of flavors includes Classic Tobacco, Cool Cucumber, and Classic Menthol.

The popularity of Juul e-cigarettes has increased dramatically over the last years. In 2017, the unit sales of Juul e-cigarettes increased to over 600%. In mid-2016, Juul products had a dollar sales share of less than 5%. However, towards the end of 2017, the sales of Juul products surpassed those of the other companies. Currently, Juul is popular than e-cigarette brands by most tobacco companies. Today, Juul sales represent 68% of the share of the market.

But, the question is why are Juul e-cigarettes so popular among teens? Here are some of the reasons why the popularity of these e-cigarettes has been rising over the years.

Sleek Design

The sleek design of the Juul device is one of the reasons why it is so popular among teens. This tiny e-cigarette device looks like a small USB drive. This makes it tough for educators and parents to notice or prevent teens from using. The sleek design of the Juul device makes it possible for teens to use without detection from the adults around them because it easily fits in the palms of their hands. What’s more, the device is made in a way that makes it more appealing to kids.

Additionally, this device is charged by inserting it into the USB port of a computer. This furthers the illusion. Thus, college and high school students are buying Juul e-cigarettes because the discreet design of the Juul device makes hiding it from teachers and parents easy.

No Stench

Another reason why Juul e-cigarettes and device have become so popular is the fact that they can be used even indoors without creating a stench that would attract unwanted attention. This explains why teens are comfortably firing up Juul e-cigarettes when teachers turn away. Teens are ‘Juuling’ in school bathrooms and dorm rooms. They are also doing it in the streets without being noticed. Some are even using Juul e-cigarettes in their bedrooms without being noticed by their parents or guardians.

Different Flavors

As stated, Juul e-cigarettes are available in five different flavors. The Juul device produces vapor in different mints and fruit flavors. But, teens have also made Juul a verb. In fact, students are no longer calling their use of Juul e-cigarettes vaping. They are calling it Juuling. Thus, some of the data or information that is employed for teens’ education in matters that relate to e-cigarettes is not sufficiently specific to address the Juul issue properly.

Easy Availability

The fact that buying Juul e-cigarettes is easy makes these products popular. In fact, you will notice in a Juul review that many people prefer this product because it is easy to order online. Unfortunately, some of the locations where you can buy Juul e-cigarettes do not necessarily ask you to produce an ID to buy.

According to Fox61, some shop owners are determined to ensure that underage individuals do not buy Juul e-cigarettes. However, not all shop owners are this diligent. That means teens can also buy and use Juul e-cigarettes. On the other hand, Juul Company on its website claims to be working actively against the use of its e-cigarettes by underage individuals.

Social Media

The social media has so much influence on teens when it comes to using products like Juul e-cigarettes. It has many pictures and videos of teens Juuling and doing vape tricks. These compel teens, especially high school teens, to use the device. Teens are also bragging about Juuling in class on social media making it look like the coolest thing to do. This is influencing other teens across high schools and campuses to try out Jull e-cigarettes.

Peer Influence

Some freshmen in colleges buy Juul e-cigarettes from their seniors and go to local middle school, where they sell it to middle school teens. This is a wave of influence that is very common in schools. CNN reports that Juul e-cigarettes are so popular among teens such that students wait for their teachers to turn away so that they can reach for their devices. In fact, many teens start vaping when they join different institutions of learning. That’s because of peer influence from their seniors. However, the flavors of these products combined with the addictive nature of nicotine make it hard for some teens to quit once they get hooked. Thus, they become long-term users that recruit others in their learning institutions.


When launched in 2015, Juul Company used eye-catching, colorful, and youth-oriented themes and imagery to market its products. For instance, the company used images of young people using Juul and dancing. The initial marketing campaign had billboards, Vice Magazine adverts, YouTube videos, a sampling tour and launch parties. It’s not until recently that Juul updated this marketing code purportedly aiming at limiting exposure of youth to this advertising. But, the effect of original marketing had already been experienced among the youth in terms of its popularity among teens. What’s more, Juul used the social media to market its products heavily. This made it popular among teens because majority of them use the social media to interact, connect and communicate.

Basically, these are some of the reasons why Juul e-cigarettes are so popular among teens. Today, many teens are not smoking traditional cigarettes. They are enjoying Juul vapor using a device that doesn’t look like a smoking device at all. And, teens that use these e-cigarettes are considered hipsters by their colleagues. This combined with the fact that the device can fit in the teens’ palms and other factors make the products increasingly popular among them.

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