Pregnancy is an exciting experience, and most women get prepared to it long before they actually get pregnant. Pregnancy is a type of rite women pass, and this is even more true about giving birth. However, when it comes to delivery, many women start wondering – whether they should give a normal vaginal birth? Or should they opt for the caesarian section for improved safety? Should they deliver the baby in the hospital, or maybe it is better to do that at home? Many women also wonder about the benefits and risks of water birth, as this type of delivery gains more popularity and attention from experts.

If you like reviews on things and check movie review, Xpickup dating site review or book review before spending time on those, you should definitely research more about water birth. First of all, the definition of the aqua birth is delivery of the baby into the water, when the mother is placed into the bath half-full of warm clean water, and the baby contacts water in the first place, and only after this, it is taken out to the air to breathe in.

Most women believe aqua birth is first of all home birth, and since this does not seem as safe as being in the hospital, they refuse the idea. However, the first fact to consider is, according to experts, home delivery for healthy females is as safe as if they are in the hospital. And secondly, if the healthcare or delivery facility allows organizing aqua birth, this event can totally happen in the hospital under the careful observation of the doctors.

Water birth is believed to provide the following benefits for the mother and child:

  • the mother can take a more comfortable position, and even change the position as she feels necessary, due to buoyancy;
  • the mother is warm and more relaxed due to warm water;
  • the mother feels less pain, the contractions are less severe, and she needs less pain pain-relieving medications which is definitely better for the child;
  • the child contacts warm liquid instead of much cooler air in the first moment, and is believed to experience less stress;
  • the research shows that the new mothers are considerably less stressed after delivery in water;
  • research shows somewhat smaller percent of postpartum hemorrhage;
  • the children born into water tend to show slight inclination to be calmer than other children.

There are also risks that are associated with aqua birth:

  • the risk of infection via water;
  • the risk of choking or drowning of the baby if the delivery takes more time;
  • it is more complicated for the medical worker to observe the situation and provide additional help in the process.

However, the experience shows that, if there is any risk of the complications during the water birth, the mother is taken out of the bath even before the baby is being born.

Scientific research on aqua birth has shown that there is almost no difference between the group under surveillance and the control group, meaning that water birth is as safe as normal vaginal birth, with somewhat improved results.

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