It always makes me laugh when people ask me if I know how to grill.

I mean, I don’t — I leave that to basically everyone else I know who loves to be at the helm while I chop veggies. But that’s not what’s funny.

The funny thing is that asking, “Do you know how to grill?” is so broad, because knowing how to grill a steak doesn’t mean you’ve mastered the perfect technique for veggie kebabs. Because, sure, I know how to turn on the grill (unless it’s one of those fancy, complicated ones), and I’m not too shabby at putting cold food items on the hot grates — but if you want to know how long it takes at a certain temperature to properly grill a pork chop … I got nothin’.


Thanks to this nifty infographic from Bro BBQ, maybe the next cookout will feature me as grillmaster and everyone else doing the chopping!

(So long as I’m not stuck cleaning up, I’ll be happy. Know what I’m sayin’?)


Are you a big griller? Is there anything you’re a little scared about throwing on the ol’ barbie? And if so, does the above help? —Kristen

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