Functional medicine is a big buzz word in the wellness community. But what does it really mean? Our guest in this ep is Dr. Stephanie Gray, owner of the Integrative Health and Hormone Clinic in Hiawatha, Iowa. She wrote the book Your Longevity Blueprint and she’s giving us the 411 on the differences between traditional and functional medicine.

By using the analogy of fireman versus carpenters and looking at the body as your house (where gut health is the very foundation), Dr. Gray offers insight on how testing can increase your longevity and help you gain more agency over your health.

She also discusses the importance of testing for food sensitivities, how changing your diet can affect your risk for certain diseases, and how reducing stress will help you live longer. It’s science-y — but so, so fascinating!

A couple of our favorite quotes from this ep include …

Podcast Ep 113 Highlights With Dr. Stephanie Gray:

  • The definition of functional medicine and how it differs from traditional medicine
  • Why an average appointment with her is so much longer than the conventional doctor visit
  • What a Longevity Blueprint is and how it can add years to your life
  • The “Five Rs” for gut health
  • A surprisingly common cause of fatigue and the importance of your adrenal glands
  • The thyroid numbers she pays special attention to (because, as she says, getting 10 percent of what you need is NOT good enough for her!)
  • What it’s like to test your hormones
  • The vitamin D level needed to thrive
  • Hidden reasons you can have trouble losing weight
  • The supplement she recommends everyone take each day
  • Don’t miss out on our exclusive FBG discount on your Longevity Blueprint!
  • Plus, we talk about how we each feel about visiting the doctor and then give a shout out to our brand new stickers! (Shoot us an email at if you would like one!)

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