I always feel better when I start my day with a good serving of protein. I remain satisfied for a longer period of time, my energy levels are higher … it’s just a really simple way to show myself a little love before the demands of my day take over.

Except, well. It’s not like most of my typical breakfasts are exactly complicated, but even a basic smoothie requires a few ingredients, plus the cleaning of the blender, so although I can whip one up in very little time, it’s still a far cry from grab-and-go.

And sometimes, I really just need something that requires very little prep and clean-up — which is why, when I received the following two items for review, I started to find even my busiest mornings a bit easier to manage.

Health Warrior Protein Mug Muffin

Craving something hot? Health Warrior, which was founded on the idea of superfoods being a super choice, came up with this super convenient muffin in a mug (err, umm, container) that requires just a little water and about a minute in the microwave.

The fact that all three flavors are dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free, and contain no stevia or sugar alcohols just adds to the appeal of this super convenient breakfast (or any time, really) treat. Pro tip — don’t be afraid to add in a few bonus dark chocolate chips to the peanut butter chocolate chip flavor, if that’s your jam. Because, let me tell you, it’s definitely mine.


If you’re in the market for something cold and refreshing, you’re also in luck, because Koia packs loads of protein and very little sugar into one tasty, cinnamon horchata-flavored package. How is it this creamy and dairy-free? I don’t know, and I don’t think I really care, so long as I’ve got a bottle or two at the ready in my fridge. (It also comes in a variety of other flavors, if horchata isn’t speaking to you.)

It does require refrigeration, so it’s not as easy to stash in your gym bag or desk drawer, but all you need in order to enjoy it is a free hand to twist off the top, so that seems like a fair trade. But in addition to being dairy-free, it’s also free of soy and gluten, and offers fiber along with all that protein.

So, now I’ve gotta know whether you wake up wanting to nosh on something warm or prefer to start the day sipping on something cold! —Kristen

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