The best things in life are shared (like the immature gourd joke we’re clearly cracking up about in the photo above).

So, we thought it would be fun to compile a list of our all-time fave stuff. The stuff we use every day, recommend to others and simply can’t live life without.

Plus, over the years, we’ve had the awesome opportunity to work first-hand and collaborate on projects with some of the brands we love — not only giving us the opportunity to become affiliates, but also to secure some SWEET deals for you.

Because everyone likes a deal, right?


And, with the holidays just around the corner, we can also say that these make for GREAT gifts — or are great additions to your own wish list.

Now let’s get to it!

Our Faves

Brooks Running: We ADORE this company. They have the best (repeat: the best!) running gear from shoes to apparel to accessories.

KiraGrace: And, if you’re doing some yoga, this is the apparel we recommend. So, so pretty and functional for the mat.

TRX: Probably our fave home workout toy ever. You can do everything on it and get a great full-body workout.

ProSource: For everything else in your home gym. You simply can’t beat the prices.

Booya Fitness: Workout plans you can do at home, designed by us!

Athletic Greens: This is how we start each and every day.

Fit Chicks Academy: Wanna take your love of fitness to the next level and help others? This is a fantastic certification to help you get there!

Perks & Sweet Deals for You

FabFitFun: This health and beauty box is a serious treat and is delivered every three months. Get $10 off your first one with code FBG.

Inspire Bath: This podcast sponsor of ours makes an amazing line of all-natural deodorant sprays that work — and give back to women and children in need. Use code FBG20 before December 31, 2018, to save 20%.

ButcherBox: Free-range, organic and healthy meats delivered to your door. Save $10 and get freebies when you sign up with our link.

Primal Kitchen: Stock your pantry UP with healthy and organic essentials from this online store we love. Save 10% on your first order with code FBG.

Luv My Skivvies: When’s the last time you bought new undies? We love this subscription service that gives you a functional pair (read: no wedgies) and a fun pair each month. Save 25% on your first two pairs with code FBG.

Kettlegryp: This piece of fitness equipment turns any dumbbell into a kettlebell (which we LOVE) and with code FBG10 you can save 10% until November 26, 2018 on it.

SmoothieBox: Healthy smoothies in a box delivered to your door? True story. And until November 26, 2018, you can get it for $99 for life.

Happy (and healthy) shopping!

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