So, you’re an experienced vaper who craves for rich flavor and big clouds. You’ve tried different portable vapes to find the one that suits your vaping style, but none of them fits your needs.

Trust me, I have been there, too. And I know that you need a more powerful device, so you’d better consider giving desktop vaporizers a try. If you’re interested in learning more about these vapes, read my ultimate guide to using home vaporizers.

While most vapers know about portable vapes, desktop devices are less popular even though they can be a good option for the pickiest customers.

The Difference between Portable and Desktop Vaporizers

Choosing between portable and desktop vaporizers is like comparing apples and oranges: both types of devices have pros and cons.

However, here’s a quick way to decide what vaporizer is better for you.

If you’ve decided that a desktop vaporizer is what you need, you’re welcome to discover more about these devices.

What is a Desktop Vaporizer?

A desktop vaporizer, also known as a table top vaporizeris a device for home usage that works with access to an electric socket. These stationary vaporizers offer various easier inhalation methods – inhaling through a silicone tube or from a balloon.

In comparison with portable vaporizers, these gadgets are bigger, more powerful, and therefore more expensive (the price may vary from $150 to $800). These devices provide users with the highest amount of vapor production, so ‘cloud chasers’ pay much attention to desktop vaporizers.

Believe it or not, some people use the power of desktop vaporizers for weed, and it’s just one of the ways to make the most out of using these gadgets.

There are several types of desktop vaporizers:

  • whip style: since these desktop vaporizers are easy-to-use, they are more popular. These devices consist of 3 parts – whips, wands, and mouthpieces connected to the vaporizer unit. Before the user inhales, the vape is cooling. Moreover, most whip-styled vapes have digital temperature control and LCD displays which provide users with the best performance.
  • balloon bag: also known as forced-air vapes, these devices utilize a forced-air system that puts hot air onto dry herbs to heat them with convection heating. These vaporizers are considered to be the most effective and healthy option.
  • hybrid: this desktop vaporizer can offer both, whip-style and balloon bag, capacities. It means these devices heat the herbs with a stream of hot air and conduction. In most cases, they are more expensive than other options.

No matter what desktop vaporizer type you choose, it heats herbs through convection. As a result, it’s an excellent device for people who vape for the health benefits. However, the heated air can be either drawn manually or propelled automatically from the heating element, depending on the type of desktop.

If you’re about to giving desktop vaporizers a try, you need to find what type is better for you. Moreover, you’d better take into consideration the possible cost as it should meet your budget. Once you’ve decided what desktop vaporizer type is right for you, it’s high time to understand how do dry herb vaporizers work.

How to Use a Vaporizer 

Even though desktop vaporizers are easy-to-use, this step-by-step guide can help you enjoy the vaping process for full.

  • read the User’s manual carefully
  • fill the reservoir with water
  • put the device on a flat surface (a table is a good option)
  • use a plug-in unit to switch on the device
  • inhale and enjoy the process

Once you’re ready, it’s better to switch the device off and clean it to improve its longevity. As you can see, desktop vaporizers are easy-to-use if you know the process.

Reasons to Get a Desktop Vaporizer

If you’re still wondering whether you need a desktop vaporizer or not, here’s the list of reasons to get it.

So, desktop vaporizers are:

  • A great option for medical reasons. Since all desktop vaporizers heat material through convection, they are perfect for health benefits. For example, the Volcano Vaporizer is an approved medical device in Canada. Moreover, these devices don’t produce smoke, so they can be a good shift for people who want to quit smoking.
  • Great for the best vaping experience. These devices feature high-tech vaporization technologies that provide users with milky clouds and the rich flavor. Since vapers plug devices directly into mains power, desktop vaporizers are perfect for longer vaping sessions.
  • Perfect for social vape sessions. If you love hanging out with friends and all of you are fond of vaping, desktop vaporizers can provide you with the great experience of sharing the vape while having fun all together. While portable vapes are designed for individual use only, desktop vaporizers are more powerful and they hold more herbs, deliver denser flavors and offer greater usability. All in all, you can share one desktop vaporizer with friends.


For a variety of reasons, desktop vaporizers can be a good option for many people. Although they are non-portable, the number of benefits these vaporizers have is so big that people get used to smoking at home, and it’s not a problem anymore. Anyways, if you want to get quality, you need to sacrifice the mobility.

Who May Love Desktop Vaporizers?

  • people who vape for medical reasons
  • vapers who want a more powerful device
  • users who want to chill and relax while vaping

In a Word 

The desktop vaporizers are taking the industry by storm.

Let’s face it: desktop vaporizers are expensive devices, but they worth the money if you love vaping.

No matter what you want, whether relax while vaping, get the rich flavor or big clouds, or try a more powerful device, a desktop vaporizer is something you should take into consideration. Once you understand how does a vaporizer work, you may want to give it a try for a chance to get unbelievable vaping experience.

Have you ever tried desktop vaporizers? Share your thoughts with us and other readers craving for genuine information about modern vaping devices.


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