This is the year I’m going to create a morning ritual, you said.


This is the year I’m going to stick to my morning ritual, you said.


And then the snooze button happened.


It’s cool. You’re human. And starting new rituals/habits — and getting out of a cozy bed — is hard to do.


So take a second to give yourself some self-compassion, and then read on for our best seven tips for sticking to that amazing morning ritual you’re about to have.


7 Tips to Stick to Your Morning Ritual

1. Pick things you like to do, not those you “should do.” Ever notice how it’s hard to do stuff you don’t like to do, but it’s easy to do the things you do enjoy? This is why it’s essential that you fill your morning ritual with something you love doing (drawing, dancing, yoga, reading — whatever!). Otherwise, let’s be real: you’re neva getting out of bed.

2. Start with mere minutes. The biggest mistake we see people make when it comes to their morning ritual is setting one that’s too long or too drawn out. Instead, go with simple, quick, and easy. Think: doodling for three minutes, or dancing and stretching to one song, doing five sun salutations, or reading five pages. Once you’re in the habit of doing your morning ritual and you can’t imagine your mornings without it, then you can get fancy and add in more things and more time to do them.

3. Give yourself a variety of options. Your morning ritual can be the same every day, but part of a morning ritual is boosting trust in yourself and your intuition. So, give yourself a variety of things you can do and then do whichever one sounds best in that moment.

4. Visualize yourself doing it the night before. This one is key! Before you go to bed, take a minute or two to imagine yourself waking up early with energy and enthusiasm for your new ritual. See yourself turn off your alarm easily, get out of bed, and head to the spot where you’ll be doing your morning ritual. Speaking of …

5. Have a comfy and warm spot picked out. Designate an area, chair, or spot on the floor for your ritual. Make sure the area is de-cluttered, filled with a few things you love (books, images, a candle, crystals, etc.), and that it’s as comfy as it can be (blanket, space heater, pillows). If it’s a spot you love, it’s a spot you’ll want to go to!

6. Set the automatic coffee timer the night before. Because there is nothing better than the promise of a fresh, warm cup of coffee to get you feeling motivated and up for the day.

7. Thank yourself regularly for showing up for yourself. So often we beat ourselves up and don’t celebrate our victories — large and small. Each time you do your morning ritual, take a second to thank yourself deeply for giving yourself that time and attention. A self high-five isn’t a bad idea either.

Did you resolve to make more of your mornings this year? Tell us about what’s in your morning ritual in the comments below! Mine is all about journaling, meditating, and visualizing what I’d like to call in for the future. –Jenn

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