What if we told you that just about everything you thought you knew about healthy living wasn’t true — and was totally set up for you to fail?

Yes, even when others had the best intentions.

And yep, even when some saw short-term success.

What if we’d all been conditioned to think that, in order to be healthy, you had to do some magic thing, follow some magic plan, and be some specific number on the scale?

It’s a pursuit that many of us would spend our entire lives chasing … and never reach. And — even worse — we’d all be pretty miserable and hard on ourselves because of it.

That’s diet culture, folks. And, it’s real. Oh, so real.

And, it’s done one heck of a job convincing us that:

  • It’s not the plan / the diet / the challenge, it’s us that’s to blame for not being able to follow it.
  • We should take up less space.
  • We shouldn’t love ourselves unless we’re at an ideal weight.
  • To be healthy, you have to be a certain weight or have a certain BMI.
  • The answer is out there … we just have to find it.
  • We need to be fixed.

Ladies and gents, not a single ounce of the above is true. It’s what we’ve all been conditioned to believe over the years, but it’s a big ol’ lie.

Now here’s the truth: You, my dear, are a unicorn. A unicorn which — when she steps into her unlimited power of unconditional self-love and steps away from the relentless lure of the dieting trap — becomes freakin’ unstoppable.

Why, you ask? Because she becomes free and lives a healthy life on her terms.

If you’re ready to become a healthy unicorn, join us in this online class. In just 30 minutes it’ll get you tuned into how willpower and self-love really work when it comes to being healthy, and it’ll help you to make changes from a place of empowerment — and not lack or the need to be anything other than what you are.

Take your power back and discover the healthy unicorn inside you here. She’s waiting for you!

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