Are you guys familiar with emerging producer and DJ Grace Gracie? She’s most known for her inspiring, electronic beats, and vibrant chord progressions — and is a staple in the Las Vegas scene. In fact, her debut single “Devil” garnered more than 100K Spotify streams in its first week!

We’ve been digging Grace’s tunes for our workout playlists, which makes sense. She’s an FBG at heart! In addition to music, she’s also passionate about boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, following a vegan lifestyle, and lifting weights.

Because we’re always looking for new workout jams — and, er, it’s not every day you get the chance to take an up-and-coming DJ and producer up on her offer to curate some tunes — we’re sharing a workout playlist that she created just for FBG!

Get Grace Gracie’s workout playlist on Spotify here.

Here’s more on why she chose the songs she did — and why this is one playlist you don’t wanna shuffle:

“I put the songs I chose in a specific order. When I first get to the gym, I like to warm my body up by doing cardio before I hit the weights and get serious. During cardio I love to listen to high-energy, feel-good music — it helps motivate me, gets me ready for the workout, and helps the time pass quickly (haha). As the set continues into the second quarter, the songs starts to get a little heavier and more hard-core. I love to listen to the harder big-room style while I am smashing the weights. It helps me go harder. The playlist I made is just the right amount of musical power that helps me crush it in the gym.” –Grace Gracie

Her new single “Feels Right” is so, so good, right? –Jenn

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