Weight Loss

A little bit of sugar, baby that’s all I need (360° Music Video)

 This original live-looped song, “A little bit of sugar, baby that’s all I need” was written, performed and filmed live in one take in 360° video with spatial audio by Abel James. Thanks for listening. Look around the video by either pressing the arrows in the navigation circle in the top-left corner of the...

Mike Salguero: Grass-Fed Beef vs Feedlot Beef & What to Look Out For When Choosing Your Meats

Why is it so difficult to find high-quality, pasture-raised meats these days? It seems like we’re years into the natural-organic-pasture-raised health craze, yet it’s still a pain to find grass-fed barbecue and meats from healthy animals in general. With the majority of our cow friends being fattened up on a completely unnatural diet of corn,...

Shaun T: Twinsanity, How to Deal with Social Media Trolls, and… Brain Implants?

When you’re on social media, do you ever feel like your in the spotlight? Now that we all carry cameras in our pockets, it can feel like we’re in the spotlight pretty much all the time, especially considering the new pressures of social media. And with that comes public scrutiny, and the dreaded trolls. Returning...

How to Make Homemade Sauerkraut to Heal Your Gut (Wild Diet, Paleo-Friendly)

Simple Sauerkraut   A Simple Recipe to Reverse Leaky Gut, Lose Weight, and Boost Your Immune Function Author: Abel James Serves: 8 Ingredients 1 organic head of green cabbage (2 to 3 pounds) 1 to 2 tablespoons sea salt 1 large organic...

Gary Collins: The Dangers of Social Media & How to Live Off-The-Grid Like a Modern Nomad

Have you ever thought about selling everything and traveling the world? Returning to the show this week is Mr. Gary Collins, a man who did just that. Gary has a unique and fascinating background in military intelligence, and as a Special Agent for the U.S. State Department Diplomatic Security Service, U.S. Department of Health...

Our Weekend Treat: Quick & Easy Wild Plantain Pancakes

Wild Plantain Pancakes   Author: Abel James Serves: 2 - 4 Ingredients 2 large green plantains (or slightly yellow*) 2 large eggs 1 tablespoon coconut oil, plus more as needed (or grass-fed butter) Sea salt Grass-fed butter or coconut oil ...

Livestream Q&A: Big Keto Mistakes, How Tech is Hurting You & Drinking Beer on the Wild Diet

Can good productivity habits contribute to other good habits, like eating well and getting outdoors? Today, we have a special bonus episode for you. In this surprise livestream Q&A, you folks asked me whatever you wanted related to health, music, and even virtual reality. I’m your Huckleberry. And in today’s show, I’ll be sharing one of...

Easy Grab & Go Breakfast: Spinach, Goat Cheese & Bacon Egg Muffins (Gluten-Free)

Spinach, Goat Cheese & Bacon Egg Muffins   These Easy Grab & Go Egg Muffins are Loaded with Spinach, Goat Cheese, Bacon and Bell Pepper Author: Alyson Bridge Serves: 12 Ingredients 6 strips of bacon, chopped 1 12-ounce bag frozen chopped spinach, thawed...

Restaurant Survival Guide: How to Order at a Restaurant & Eat Clean on the Road

Just by including processed and restaurant foods in our diets, we’re being exposed to more sugar in a year than our ancestors would have seen in their entire lifetimes. Most restaurants will accommodate your eating preferences, but you may need to take initiative and order with a keener eye and thicker hide than you...

Dr. Michael Ruscio: How to Dodge Keto Hype and Upgrade Gut Health with Probiotics, Prebiotics & Real Food

sometimes it’s the physiology that drives the behavior, and not the behavior that drives a physiology. Did you know your gut is responsible for producing about 90% of your serotonin, one of the leading neurotransmitters that can help generate (or negate) happy thoughts? In fact, some researchers now call our gut our “second brain.” There’s a...


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