Weight Loss

How to Curb Hunger and Boost Weight Loss with Resistant Starch

Did you know that 9 out of 10 of the cells in and on your body right now aren’t technically human, but are actually bacteria? Recent science has revealed that this bacteria – your microbiome – helps us digest food and assimilate nutrients. So whenever you feed yourself, remember that you’re actually feeding an ecosystem. If...

An evil corporate agenda created what we call Splenda (360° Music Video w/ Spatial Audio)

 This original live-looped song, An evil corporate agenda created what we call Splenda, was written, performed and filmed live in one take in 360° video with spatial audio by Abel James. Thanks for listening. Look around the video by either pressing the arrows in the navigation circle in the top-left corner of the video, or...

Our Wedding Feast: Wild Cowboy Burgers with Bacon, Jalapeños, Sautéed Onion & Avocado

Wild Cowboy Burgers   These juicy Cowboy Burgers piled high with bacon, jalapeños, sautéed onion and avocado will steal the show. Author: Abel James Serves: 4 Ingredients Burgers 1 pound 85% lean grass-fed ground bison or beef 4 slices nitrate-free bacon, cut into ½-inch...

Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites on Ditching Dogma, Practical Paleo, & the 21-Day Sugar Detox

Today we’re here with fellow podcaster and the lady behind Balanced Bites, Diane Sanfilippo. Diane is a Holistic Nutritionist specializing in Paleo nutrition, blood sugar regulation, food allergies/intolerances and digestive health. She’s also the author of Practical Paleo and The 21-Day Sugar Detox. I’m sure a lot of you are already familiar with her,...

8 Tips to Get Started on The Wild Diet Today

Can you really lose fat while enjoying sirloin steak, chicken parmesan, and real butter? The Wild Diet features foodie-friendly indulgent meals that will help you program your body to burn fat instead of sugar. Thousands of people across the world have reclaimed their health and lost 20, 50 or even more than 100 pounds...

Fat-Burning Pumpkin Pie (The Wild Diet, Low-Carb, Low-Sugar, Paleo-Friendly)

Fat-Burning Pumpkin Pie (The Wild Diet, Low-Carb, Low-Sugar, Paleo Friendly)   Total time 1 hour 25 mins   Author: Abel James Recipe type: Dessert Serves: 8 Ingredients Crust 1 cup almond flour ½ cup coconut flour ¼ cup...

Wild Carne Asada Bowl: What to Eat On Taco Tuesday

Wild Carne Asada Bowl   Skip the Carbs & Dig Into This Wild Carne Asada Bowl Author: Alyson Rose Serves: 4 - 8 Ingredients 2 pounds skirt steak 3 whole dried ancho chiles, stems and seeds removed 3 whole fresh jalapeno chilies, stems and seeds...

Fudgey Carob Peanut Butter Bars

Fudgey Carob Peanut Butter Bars Fudgey peanut butter bars with fatty duck eggs and chunks of homemade carob. Author: Alyson Rose Serves: 10 Ingredients 1 cup chunky peanut butter (or almond butter) 1 cup coconut butter (or another cup of peanut butter if you’re feeling crazy) 1/2 cup butter, melted (or coconut oil) 1 tablespoon vanilla 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon sea...

Jack Peters: 9-Year-Old Whiz Kid Explains How Sports Make Us Smarter

Do you ever wonder what modern processed food is doing to kids? While childhood obesity and Type II diabetes are running rampant, the answer to that question is usually a bummer. But you’re about to hear from a remarkable 9 year old who I met at a book signing last spring who made me feel...

Super Bowl Feast: Wild Buffalo Wings

Wild Buffalo Wings   This recipe leaves the wing whole, but if you want them more “bar-style,” then cut the “drummette” off at the joint (now the wing will be two pieces) and trim off the wing tip before frying. Author: Abel James Serves: 2 ...


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