Weight Loss

Matt Riemann: 3D Printed Burgers, Epigenetics & The Future of Health

It’s ironic. We’re overloaded with “health and fitness” technology, but our collective health is worse than ever. In a world replete with Fitbits, Apple watches, and other gimmicky gadgets, most of these self-trackers don’t do much to actually improve our behavior. Today, you’ll learn why that’s about to change. Matt Riemann is a social entrepreneur...

Complete Idiot’s Guide To Burning Fat During The Holidays

It’s that time of year again… Plastered on the cover of the checkout lane magazine is a scrumptious pumpkin pie loaded with whipped cream next to glistening sugar cookies, candy canes, and gingerbread monstrosities. The magazine next to it screams, “DISCOVER THE ONE SECRET TO STAYING FIT DURING THE HOLIDAYS!” What’s the magazine’s advice, you ask? “Don’t...

James Clear: How to Detox from Junk News, Internet Haters & Information Overload

We all know that junk food is bad for us, but what about junk news and social media? These days, it’s getting pretty nasty out there. The nightly news cycle of local crimes, endless stream of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram updates and feeds, celebrity gossip, reality TV shows, trendy clickbait articles. The list goes...

Ron Finley: The Gangsta Gardener On How to Change a Kid’s Life with A Tomato

Can a tomato change a child’s life? “Yes,” says artist and designer Ron Finley, also known as the Gangsta Gardener. Ron lives in South Central Los Angeles and quips that it’s “home of drive-thrus and drive-bys.” But Ron wanted to change that. A few years ago, Ron planted a curbside garden in the strip of soil...

How to Curb Hunger and Boost Weight Loss with Resistant Starch

Did you know that 9 out of 10 of the cells in and on your body right now aren’t technically human, but are actually bacteria? Recent science has revealed that this bacteria – your microbiome – helps us digest food and assimilate nutrients. So whenever you feed yourself, remember that you’re actually feeding an ecosystem. If...

Karly Pitman: Sugar Cravings, Eating Disorders, & How to Avoid Cookies in the Conference Room

On this podcast, author and expert in developmental psychology Karly Randolph Pitman teaches us how to heal the emotional roots of eating disorders through unconditional self love, a path she calls, “Growing human kindness.” Karly struggled with bulimia, binge eating, sugar addiction, emotional eating, body hatred, and weight obsession for over 20 years. A...

What is The Wild Diet?

Can you really lose fat while enjoying sirloin steak, chicken parmesan, chocolate, and real butter? If you ask Kurt, the 47-year old grandpa who lost 50 pounds in 6 weeks on ABC Television by going Wild, the answer is a resounding “HECK YA!” The Wild Diet features foodie-friendly indulgent meals that will help you program...

Amy Clover: How To Beat Depression With A Dumbbell

Can burpees actually boost your mood? Science is now telling us that exercise can be a better healing therapy for depression than prescription medication. As a dude who has been prescribed anti-depressant medication by my doctor “to help me sleep” in the past, I can tell you that I’m a heck of a lot happier...

Arthur Haines: Risks of Drinking Tap Water & How to be a Creator Instead of a Consumer

When was the last time you thought about the quality of the source of your water? For a lot of the health nuts out there it’s easy to obsess about nutrition, but how many people are really paying attention to what’s in the water they drink? Returning to the show today is one of my...

How to Make Fat-Burning Chicken Parmesan Recipe (Wild Diet & Paleo-Friendly)

Chicken Parmesan (Wild Diet & Paleo-Friendly)   So, you thought you had to give up Italian food on The Wild Diet? Think again. This classic Italian dish is so rich and full of flavor that you’ll never want to go back to a boring old plate of...


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