Llwynhendy TB outbreak: Around 100 queue for screening

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Weekly Health Quiz: Bacteria, Agriculture and Cupping

1 Research suggests the following herbicide and desiccant, when combined with lectin-rich foods such as peas, beans or potatoes, can trigger the neurological damage seen in patients with Parkinson's disease: Glyphosate Diquat Dicamba Paraquat Research shows the desiccant paraquat can trigger Parkinson's disease when combined with plant lectins found in peas, beans, potatoes and many other...

Boyfriend Brisket Recipe

Roast beef is one of the most popular dishes in the United States. Its simplicity in preparation and cooking makes it a permanent fixture in family meals. Usual beef cuts include prime rib and tenderloin,1 but what if you want to challenge your...

3 Benefits of Undergoing a Half Yearly Physical Exam

If you’re like most people, you meet with your general practitioner once a year for an annual physical...

Paprika: Spice Up Your Meals and Your Health With This Extraordinary Seasoning

Peppers are highly appreciated in many cuisines for their many benefits and uses. They’re one of the most common cooking ingredients used around the world, mainly because of the flavor they add to dishes. These spices can be used fresh or dried, and come in powdered form – one example of which is...

Quitting Smoking Starts in the Brain

In 2016, 59% of Americans who have ever used cigarettes quit smoking — an increase from 50.8% in 2005. The statistics are encouraging, showing declines in overall cigarette smoking among U.S. adults during that time, but nearly 38 million Americans still smoke every day or "some" days.1 Nearly 7 in 10 current smokers say...


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