40 Kilos of Plastic Found in Guts of Whale

The food chain is an ordered series of organisms, each dependent on the previous as a source of food. In other words, herbivores eat plants to survive and carnivores eat herbivores and other carnivores. In the water, small fish eat plankton, and are then eaten by slightly larger fish, finally eaten by larger...

Hitting A Plateau: Overcoming Them When Related To Your Fitness Goals

Hitting fitness goals is extremely rewarding but this can be equally frustrating if you have hit a plateau that...

Weekly Health Quiz: Glyphosate, Depression and Pain

1 The following individual has publicly stated he believes children whose parents refuse to vaccinate should become property of the state: Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of NIAID Dr. Paul Offit, chief of the division of infectious diseases at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Dr. Paul Offit has stated he believes children whose parents refuse to vaccinate should...

Diabetes: Facts About This Modern Epidemic

According to research conducted in late 2016, life expectancy in the United States has declined for the first time in two decades, leaving the researchers baffled as to what the exact cause is.1 One of the primary perpetrators of this decline is believed to be drug overdose. But there is another...

Why Am I so Tired All the Time?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I so tired all the time?” If the answer is yes, there are many possible reasons why you’re feeling this way. Fatigue can impact your life to the point where it’s negatively affecting your work, relationships and other aspects. Read on to learn the potential causes...

What You Should Know Before Going into Surgery

Surgery can be scary for anyone. Even if it’s a routine procedure like getting your appendix taken out,...


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