Applications For A Transportable Refrigeration Unit

Knowing the difference between a truck that has refrigeration capability and a mobile or transportable refrigeration unit is easy to...

Impossible Whopper — Burger King Adopts Fake Meat

Impossible Foods, which made headlines for its meatless burgers that "bleed" like real meat, is set to become a household name, courtesy of a partnership with Burger King and their Whopper sandwich. The new Impossible Whopper bills itself as 100% Whopper, 0% Beef. Instead of a hamburger patty made with beef, the burger will...

Outstanding Lingerie And Foundation Garments To Own In 2019

If you are on the hunt for the newest and best lingerie and foundation garments to own this year,...

The Ketogenic Diet and Its Physiological Effects on the Human Body

In this interview, Benjamin Bikman, Ph.D., an obesity and diabetes scientist and associate professor of physiology and developmental biology at Brigham Young University (BYU) in Utah,1 reveals how the ketogenic diet affects your physiology and supports optimal health. “My main interest early on was looking at how the body adapts to obesity,” he says....

Is Poppy Seed Tea Safe to Drink?

Poppy seeds are popular in the culinary world, whether used as a pastry ingredient, an oil source or for brewing tea.1 Their nutty and fruity taste can be irresistible to many people, which is one of the reasons why it's such a well-loved ingredient.2 However, poppy tea, a drink brewed with poppy seeds, has...

Blending or Juicing: Which Is Better?

Both blending and juicing are great ways to help make sure that you are getting plenty of fruits, vegetables,...

Can Mushrooms Help Prevent Cognitive Decline?

Edible mushrooms are an unassuming superfood with health benefits that can rival even the most nutritious vegetables. Mushrooms — which are fungi, not plants — have recently been shown to support brain health, such that they may slash your risk of cognitive decline even if you eat them only twice a week.1 Considering mushrooms...


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