Our Health Partners Team Up to Protect Your Health

In the business world, partnerships may well be the cornerstone or foundation of success. The old saying, "two heads are better than one," means two people may creatively solve a problem more quickly than just one. However, in business, bringing together two organizations in a unique partnership also enables both businesses to benefit...

Where to Find Mercola Info

I’ve announced that I’m leaving Facebook, even though I have 1.8 million people who have been depending on this avenue to learn about the latest health news and information straight from me. The threats to security and privacy have simply become too great, and there are other, better ways to continue receiving the... Leaves Facebook Today

As you probably know, Facebook has promised to combat "fake news" on its platform, but its censorship doesn't end at blatantly fake news articles — far from it. Information that is unfavorable to Facebook (or its advertisers) keeps getting censored out as well. One example was the censoring of...

22 Health Tips to Celebrate 22 Years of Mercola.Com

To help commemorate 22 years of offering the most up-to-date health information available, I’ll review 22 currently top trending health topics based on our internal search results. For each topic, you’ll find a short summary or overview. For more in-depth information, follow the hyperlinks provided in each section. You can ...

Weekly health quiz: Apples, privacy and the moon

1 The following component of apples contain the highest amounts of beneficial bacteria (probiotics): The flesh The peel The stem The core Recent research shows the core of the apple contains a majority of the beneficial bacteria found in the fruit. Learn more. 2 Which of the following web browsers offers the worst privacy protections? Chrome Google Chrome, the most popular...


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