The Dirty Bulk: Five Reasons To Do A Clean Bulk

Of all the dumb fitness ideas out there, the dirty bulk is one of the dumbest.  That may seem like an extreme statement, but trust me on this one. After all, I used to...

101 “Silver Strength Bullets” to Build Strength & Burn Fat Fast

“Silver Strength Bullets” are my weekly shortlist of quick, actionable bullets to get you stronger, leaner, and performing at a higher level. I send them to my private members-area via email every Friday morning. And over the past few months I’ve compiled a fistful of my best Silver Strength Bullets into one place (here!) and laid them out for you as...

New Deadlift Drill for Advanced Lifters: Cable Lumbar Extensions

Before the internet shits itself because I’m rounding my back, this drill is not for beginner lifters or general fitness enthusiasts. The risk:reward just isn’t worth it for them and, realistically, they have much more important things to develop (core strength and control, hamstring & glute strength, blah blah blah). That being said, if you’re...

Rapid Fat Loss: It Actually Works Pretty Damn Well

They get a bad reputation — especially among some of the fitness goo roos — but rapid fat loss protocols actually work pretty damn well.  Are they for everyone? No. Should they be done for long periods of time? Absolutely not. Are they comfortable or fun? Lol, no. BUT… Used carefully and sparingly, rapid fat loss protocols work very well, especially for people who...

The MOST Common Deadlift Mistake Women Make (And How to Fix It)

by Jordan Syatt | Mar 21, 2016 | Coaches and Coaching: Tips For Trainers, Deadlifts, Powerlifting, Powerlifting for Fat Loss, Sports Performance | I chose this as the feature picture — not because she has good technique — but because she’s making the same deadlift mistake I outline in today’s video.  She’s actually making several...

Deadlift Technique 101: Tackling the Most Common Mistake

by Jordan Syatt | Jan 21, 2016 | Coaches and Coaching: Tips For Trainers, Deadlifts, Powerlifting, Powerlifting for Fat Loss, Sports Performance, Westside Barbell | Is deadlifting 2x, 3x, or even 4x your body weight a long-term goal you’d like to hit within the next year? Are you ever nervous you’re going to...

Bench Press Form: How to Keep Your Butt From Coming Off the Bench

by Jordan Syatt | Jan 10, 2016 | Coaches and Coaching: Tips For Trainers, Powerlifting, Powerlifting for Fat Loss, Westside Barbell | If you’ve ever struggled to keep your glutes on the bench during the bench press, pay attention and watch the short video below because I’m going to show you exactly how...

15 Heart Stopping Body Transformations (And The Dirty Truth About “Online Personal Training”)

Online personal training has exploded over the past 5-years and I think it’s one of the greatest things that’s ever happened to the fitness industry. Some coaches say it isn’t nearly as effective as in-person training. But I disagree. I’d even go so far as to say online personal training is MORE effective than in-person. I could give you...

Bench Press: Why It’s Not Just For Dudes (And How You Can Get Better At It)

Today’s guest post comes from my good friend and fellow coach, Jennifer Vogelgesang Blake (JVB). One of the smartest, kindest, and strongest people I know, JVB wrote this phenomenal piece that coincides with launch of her new program, Unapologetically Powerful which is on sale at a low introductory price through this Friday. You can learn more about...

Constructing the Ultimate Deadlift Workout: Your 3 Step Guide

I’m not going to waste your time or mine rehashing the benefits of deadlifting and why you should do it. If you’re reading this you already know the deadlift is arguably the single best exercise for building strength, power, and lean, hard muscle while burning a mountain of calories, decreasing body fat, and improving performance. If...


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