Giveaway: One Month of Green Chef Meals

Do you guys remember us trying Green Chef a few months back and LOVING it?If not, here’s the post.And, today, for our 11-year birthday, you can try it, too!If you’ve been looking for a meal kit delivery service that is tasty, healthy and organic, this is it. You can choose recipes that are...

Giveaway: One Month of HelloFresh for Your Fam

Oh, hello, there. You’re looking good. Some might say … fresh.Which is perfect for today’s giveaway because it’s all about the freshness. And the convenience. And the healthiness. And the tastiness!That’s right, today’s birthday giveaway (get them all here) is for a whole month of HelloFresh!In case you’re not familiar with HelloFresh, let...

Podcast Ep 112: Jazzercise’s Shanna Missett Nelson

Quick! What comes to mind when you hear the word “Jazzercise?” Leg warmers, leotards, and snapping fingers? Well, guess again because we are talking to Jazzercize President Shanna Missett Nelson, who as the daughter of Jazzercize’s founder Judi Sheppard Missett, quite literally grew up watching the aerobics brand become a pop culture phenomenon...

Giveaway: 3 Spots in Our Signature Online Coaching Program

It’s our birthday week — and you know what that means: We are ready to party hard. With GIVEAWAYS!via GIPHYOkay, maybe not that hard. More like this:via GIPHYBut, really, excitement all around because not only are we pumped to announce the first giveaway of our 11th birthday week, but also we’re super psyched...

Award Time: Introducing the 2019 Fitties, Mommies, Noshies & Zennies

It’s mid-May and you know what that means, right? FBG party!via GIPHYWhich also means it’s award season here in the Fit Bottomed World.via GIPHYFor us, that includes the Fitties, Mommies, Noshies, and Zennies — AKA the best products we tried over the course of the last year. And, since our redesign last year,...

Celebrating 11 Years With the Most-Read Posts

As of this week, Fit Bottomed Girls is officially 11 years old. Eleven!Which, if you count that in internet years, makes us like a million years old. To which we say: party on, T-Rex.via GIPHYWe wear our 11 years of fighting diet culture and letting women know that they’re more than the number...

What Do You See When You Scroll, Really?

How often do you get on social media?Ever noticed how it tends to make you feel?While there are A LOT of positive things going on in the Facebook-, Instagram- and Twitter-sphere today, the research is clear: Whether we’re aware of it or not, social media does affect how we feel about ourselves. And,...

What You Need to Know About Trendy Pet Foods

There are a lot of possible reasons each of us eats the way we do. We like the way it tastes, or the memories it conjures, or maybe because we were raised eating that way. Perhaps certain foods make us feel good and energized — or an alternative food makes us feel crummy,...

Time-Saving Agonist Supersets To Build More Muscle In Less Time

“Finding time” is the biggest battle you face when it comes to your workouts. This leads to the question of how can you do more quality work in less time. Compound supersets, also dubbed agonist...

How to Make (or Order) Stunning Floral Arrangements

If you’ve ever wanted to create a super cool floral arrangement (like, perhaps for a special mama in your life this weekend), or if you’re interested in getting the most bang for your buck when you buy from a professional florist (hey, who doesn’t), you’re going to love this interview with Courtney Sayner,...


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