Do You Really Need Special Socks for Running?

There are a lot of specialty running items out there. Some you totally and absolutely need (like, a good pair of running shoes — always worth the price), and others that are, er, not so much (pretty much any tech wearable — like, they can be super awesome, but you don’t have to...

Buddha Bowl With Sesame Brittle

If I had the opportunity to offer up my number one go-to healthy meal, right now, I think I’d have to go with the Buddha Bowl (or power bowl, or food bowl … it goes by many names). It’s endlessly versatile — just pick your favorite healthy ingredients, roast or saute if necessary,...

Podcast Ep 117: CrossFit Coach Ben Bergeron

Today’s guest, Ben Bergeron, is one of the world’s most successful CrossFit coaches — but that doesn’t mean he only focuses on the people earning podium spots. Ben’s athletes range from folks who are just learning how to get into shape to some of the most elite athletes in the world. He’s passionate about...

The Cards and Gifts We Need in This World

Everybody likes to be happy, right?via GIPHYAnd I don’t know about you, but I can definitely say that it brings me great joy to make a friend smile or laugh.via GIPHYThat’s especially true when it comes to friends who are going through something and are feeling a little down — or who maybe...

5 Reasons We Love Getting the FabFitFun Box

We’ve been getting the FabFitFun subscription box pretty regularly for years now, and there’s a good reason why: we adore it! Like we wrote in our post about the spring box, it’s like getting sunshine delivered to your door every darn season. And who doesn’t like a little extra sunshine?Read on for five other reasons...

How to Make Journaling a Part of Your Everyday Life

Honesty time: How many journals do you have laying around that have a couple days or a week of entries, and then long lapses of time before the next page is filled out … or even no entries past that point?via GIPHYSame. In fact, if I had a dollar for every journal entry...

13 Things Only Moms Pregnant With Twins Will Understand

My twin pregnancy has been REAL.Real tough. Real fun. Real long (even though it’s actually really shorter than my last one). And, really, really something.Because I’m so, so grateful to be carrying two babies (as I’m writing this, I’m currently past week 30). And it’s special. But, man, a twin pregnancy is not...

Healthy Snacks to Fuel Your Summer Fun

Busy summer days call for easy, healthy snacks and add-ins — you know, healthy goodies that are easy to grab when you’ve got one foot out the door, or toss into yogurt or a salad when you want a little extra nutrition but don’t have the time to do a bunch of chopping.Happily,...

Get Sweaty With This SandBell Workout

There are things I truly dig about living in Florida — like the fact that I can pop over to the beach just about any time I want, whether it’s because I’m meeting friends for happy hour after work or want to do an outdoor workout while watching for dolphins.One of the downsides...

An App for Tapping Into Your Sensual Side

Sex positivity (meaning that sex, as long as it’s healthy and truly consensual, is a good thing) is something I think about a lot. Maybe not as much as body positivity, or busting diet culture, or, you know, tacos — but, well, I’m in the midst of writing a romance novel, and as...


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