Do You Put Conditions on Your Self-Love?

We all know how important self-love is. And, here on this site and in this community, we talk a lot about how your weight and size shouldn’t determine your self-worth. In fact, it’s a huge part of our mission.But one thing I’ve noticed — in myself as well as others — is that...

Only Have One Kettlebell? No Problem!

“What are you supposed to do with just one kettlebell?” my friend recently asked me. She didn’t mean it as a challenge … but I certainly took it as one.And it was a worthy challenge, too, because I love to keep some minimal equipment workouts in my back pocket for days when I...

Summer Sipping Made Simple – Fit Bottomed Girls

I love a cocktail as much as anyone. Well, maybe not quite as much as Jenn … but I sure do enjoy them.Sometimes, it’s great fun to experiment — to try new ingredients and find just the right mix.via GIPHYBut other times, I just want simplicity. I want a nice, cold drink without...

Bye-Bye Barbell Bench Press: Chisel Your Chest With Dumbbells Instead

Guest Post By Johnnie Perry, Jr. Every guy with a flat chest or saggy man boobs wants a chiseled, muscular chest. But many are going about it all wrong by using a barbell when...

Podcast Ep 118: Sahar Aker of #IChooseBeauty

Meet Sahar Aker, the mental health advocate who started the #IChooseBeauty movement and hashtag — which she calls a “life preserver” for her own mental health and happiness. A former health reporter, Sahar first reported on depression after her mother’s death 20 years ago; she now serves as an inspiration for people on...

Sports, Kids and Body Image

In general, sports can be AWESOME for kids — especially young girls. I know for myself (and Kristen!), being active in athletics when we were younger gave us confidence, built inner and outer strength, and helped us to form friendships and support networks that existed far off the courts we were playing on.But...

Your Choice: Team Antiperspirant or Team Deodorant?

The following post is sponsored by Secret. For our sponsored post policy, click here.Some choices I make could potentially be classified as a bit questionable, like the decision to train for a half marathon PR through the heat of summer … in Florida. (And yes, 100% humidity is every bit as uncomfortable to run in...

My Third Trimester Twin Pregnancy Workout Modifications

At the time of this writing, I am happy to say that I am officially in my third trimester with twins!And, if I thought I was tired or uncomfortable before, well, that ain’t nothing compared to measuring well over full-term with — hopefully — still weeks to go!While some days I’ve had decent...

13 Podcast Eps for Instant Fit Foodie Inspiration

Are your meals and snacks getting a little stale and boring? In need of a little fit foodie inspiration?Hey, we’ve all been there!And these 13 podcast episodes are the remedy. From tasty recipes to meal inspiration to hacks for making cooking easier and more fun (with a totally non-diet and intuitive-eating approach), it’s...

Reason Number 342 That I’m Glad I’ve Done My Body Image Work

My path to loving my body — at its natural and intuitive and ever-changing shape outside of dieting — hasn’t been an easy path. Nor has it been a straight path. Like any journey, there are ups, downs, insights, fall-on-your-face moments, and everything in between.But, man oh man, am I happy for all...


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