How to Be a Healthy Unicorn

What if we told you that just about everything you thought you knew about healthy living wasn’t true — and was totally set up for you to fail?Yes, even when others had the best intentions.And yep, even when some saw short-term success.What if we’d all been conditioned to think that, in order to...

Why I’m Sweet on Tasting Room

Joining a wine club can seem like a no-brainer for those who believe that the only thing better than getting a fun package in the mail is discovering a fantastic new wine.But the traditional wine club — like the ones you join at a winery — hasn’t necessarily been quite right for everyone....

Preparing for Babies No. 2 and 3: Nursery and Product Must-Haves

I’m almost too nervous to type it in case we’re forgetting something major, but — aside from buying a minivan and investing in a double jogging stroller — I think we are pretty set up for the twin girls to arrive!p.s. I LOVE this tank and line of clothing!My husband and I have...

Understanding the Restrict-Binge-Shame Cycle – Fit Bottomed Girls

I feel like every time we interview someone for our podcast, I learn something. Or, I hear something in a new way that is so crystal clear that it’s almost like I learn it all over again.You know what I mean?This happened recently when we were chatting with Stefani Ruper of Coconuts &...

Summer Stuff We Love – Fit Bottomed Girls

Summer weather have you craving more fun, outdoor activities? We hear that!via GIPHYNow, there are loads of things we stock up on this time of year — sunscreen, hats, towels, snacks (of course) — but we’ve had a few other super cool products sent our way for review recently that we just had...

How to Choose the Grill That Fits Your Lifestyle

The following post is sponsored by We Love Fire. For our sponsored post policy, click here.There’s nothing more enjoyable than spending an afternoon outside with family and friends while cooking a perfect meal on your grill.To top it off, grilled meat is tasty, a total crowd-pleaser, and high in protein.Whether you’re cooking on the...

3 Common Sports Nutrition Questions, Answered

When I wander into the kitchen for a snack these days, the questions running through my mind tend to be of the, “I wonder if that Greek yogurt I bought has turned,” variety. But, when you’re in a serious training cycle and you’re focusing on food as fuel that helps you perform at...

Love Your CSA? Try This

CSAs are awesome. (Not sure what a CSA is? Check out our primer here.) And if you ever wished your CSA included more protein — specifically sustainable fish that you can feel really good about eating — then we have the perfect idea for you: a Community Supported Fishery (CSF)!I honestly didn’t know...

Podcast Ep 114: Yoga Expert Kathryn Budig

It’s not every day that someone brings up Greek mythology during a podcast interview, but Kathryn Budig is not your average yogi. With Artemis —  Olympian goddess of the hunt — as the inspiration for her “Aim True” motto, the yoga teacher, author, and animal lover seeks to help everyone find joy in...

Master The Movement Hierarchy | Eric Bach Blog

Guest Post By Jeremiah BairHave you spent years in the gym NOT getting jacked, but hammering away at the pec dec and calf raise machine, all for no #gainz?I get it. I’ve been there, too. But no longer.There is so much information out there that it’s easy to get overwhelmed instead of building...


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