Big news… After 3+ years of testing and tasting, our brand new real food supplements are finally ready for you!

Just head on over to to order your very own health-boosting goodies.

We’re launching with Future Greens (shelf-stable greens that you can mix water or smoothies), Mega Omegas (balanced Omega supplement), Probiotic Spheres (high-tech boosters for gut-health), and Vitamin D Stack (a combo supplement for Vitamin D3 and co-factors).

We can’t wait to hear how you like them!

What is Wild Superfoods All About Anyway?

After trying many hundreds of tonics, supplements, powders and potions over the past 7+ years to improve our health, Alyson and I have found very few companies that we actually trust.

Massive, faceless corporations seem to be running the show, often prioritizing profits above our collective health. Many supplements in stores and online are of extremely low quality, are ridiculously overpriced, and some don’t even contain the active ingredient they’re supposed to be selling!

We all deserve better.

That’s why my wife Alyson and I created Wild Superfoods. Whether you’re looking to drop a few pounds, maximize performance for your next competition, or simply stay young and energetic, you need a name you can trust.

We’re a husband and wife team who have been working for nearly a decade to help our community be as fit, healthy, and happy as they possibly can.

We’ve traveled to 30+ countries educating others about health, often living off-the-grid for months at a time in search of the best food and nutrients the world has to offer.

Wild Superfoods: Lab-Tested for Purity and Potency

We have extremely high standards for the food we eat and the supplements we take every day.

Our nutraceuticals and supplements are literally the products we’ve been taking ourselves daily to upgrade our nutrition and optimize our health for the past 3+ years… even when we’re on the road 5,000 miles from home! These days, our office sits at 8,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where Buffalo, elk, mule deer, and even mountain lions roam wild.

When you buy from Wild Superfoods, you’re supporting a small family business, not a massive corporation. We don’t have any investors or stockholders to please, so our priority is YOU. We want to help you be as healthy as you possibly can be.

What does “Wild” mean? We work with the laws of nature, not against them. We avoid anything artificial or overly-processed. Our shelf-stable nutraceuticals are of uncompromising quality and convenient options for traveling, camping, emergency and disaster preparedness, as well as daily supplementation for optimal health.

Our products are lab-tested for purity and potency and formulated according to the latest cutting-edge developments in research, science, and medicine.

Guaranteed nutrition, no matter where you are.

That’s our promise to you, and we look forward to hearing how you like Wild Superfoods.

Wild Pre-Order Bonuses

Here’s a fun announcement: When you pre-order the Ultimate Daily Bundle using the Subscribe & Save option by 4/18/18 you’ll also get:

  • Pre-Order Bonus #1: The first 25 people to pre-order the Ultimate Daily Bundle will get a signed copy of my New York Times bestselling book, The Wild Diet (hardback version!).
  • Pre-Order Bonus #2: FREE ACCESS to the Fat-Burning Tribe for as long as you’re signed up for monthly or bi-monthly shipments.
  • Pre-Order Bonus #3: Launch discount with savings of over $90 Off!
  • Pre-Order Bonus #4: Free Shipping

We’ll be announcing surprise flash giveaways on social media, so be sure to stay tuned to join in the fun. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

How to Get a Discount on Wild Superfoods

Order your very own health-boosting goodies:

When you get select the Subscribe & Save option for our Ultimate Daily Bundle, you’ll get Free Shipping and save over $90 each month on your shipment.

Here’s what’s included in the Ultimate Daily Bundle…

Future Greens is a concentrated cocktail of 15+ Organic fruits and vegetables in a convenient, easy-to-mix powder. It tastes great in water, juice and smoothies, plus it’s shelf-stable for traveling.

Mega Omegas: Nourish your brain and body with this potent blend of wild deep-sea fish oil and virgin organic macadamia nut oil.

Probiotic Spheres: The cutting-edge design of Probiotic Spheres protects the 8 different probiotic organisms from stomach acid for ultimate delivery to your entire digestive tract. Each sphere is like a tiny spaceship shuttling 5 billion live friendly helpmates straight to where you need them: your microbiome.

Vitamin D Stack: Most people don’t get enough Vitamin D from the sun. Count on this stack to get you through even the cloudiest of days. Vitamin D Stack gives you 2000 IUs of vitamin D, along with fat-soluble vitamins A, E, K1 and K2 to boost your immune system and nourish hair, skin and nails.

Hurry! When you order and select the Subscribe & Save option, you’ll be locked in at the discounted rate. Plus, we’ll cover the shipping costs so it’ll be delivered straight to your door.

What People Are Saying About Wild Superfoods

Wild Superfoods has already made its way into the hands of few close friends and colleagues—and the response has been overwhelmingly positive so far!

“Future Greens makes me feel amazing and the flavor is fantastic. This has become a part of my daily breakfast to give me a boost of the veggies I will most likely not have time to eat.” – Iris

“I LOVE the flavor of Future Greens! All the packed-in organic goodness makes it the smartest (easiest) choice. I keep a pack of Future Greens at work and regularly mix it into my water. I like it with iced tea or juice, but why mix when it’s so good as is?” – Jesse

“Although I love veggies, I am not always great about working them into my daily meals. Future greens is a delicious way to get the veggies I miss. Sometimes I get creative and make blended meals to go with future greens added in…” – Tamra

Frequently Asked Questions

I just placed my order. When when will it be shipped? 

Thanks for your support! We’re hoping to have your order shipped within 2 weeks, and we’ll keep you updated by email.

I live in a country outside the U.S. Can I order from 

Not yet. But we may expand to more countries in 2019 and 2020. Stay tuned, and make sure you are signed up to our emails so you don’t miss a thing.

I selected the “Subscribe and Save” option during checkout and now I’m subscribed to receive monthly shipments. How do I access my free Fat-Burning Tribe account?

Thank you for your subscription! We’re excited to get you started. Our customer care team will be setting up a free Fat-Burning Tribe account for you in the next 7 days. We’ll send you an email with details on accessing your account.

Once it’s setup, you can access your Fat-Burning Tribe account by logging in here. You can also reset your password by clicking here.

If you don’t hear from us or have any issues accessing your account, send us an email at

I just subscribed to receive monthly shipments which means I get free access to the Fat-Burning Tribe, but I’m already a member of the Tribe. How can I change to a free account?

If you are a paying member of the Fat-Burning Tribe and you are subscribed to one of our Wild Superfoods monthly subscriptions, you’ll need to cancel your Fat-Burning Tribe membership before we can set you up with free access.

To cancel your Tribe membership, go to the Credit Card Info page in your profile settings. From here you can press Cancel Subscription next to Fat-Burning Tribe. This will allow us to setup a free account for you for as long as you keep your Wild Superfoods subscription.

Our customer care team will be granting you free access to the Fat-Burning Tribe within 7 days of your subscription purchase. If you have any trouble getting access, please send us an email at, and we’ll get you fixed up.

What if I cancel my Wild Superfoods subscription? Do I get to keep my free Tribe account?

Thank you trying Wild Superfoods and the Fat-Burning Tribe! If you cancel your Wild Superfoods deliveries, we’ll also be removing your access to the Fat-Burning Tribe. But you can rejoin anytime by starting a 7-Day Free Trial.

How do I qualify for free access to the Fat-Burning Tribe?

In order to qualify for free access to the Fat-Burning Tribe, you’ll need to select the “Subscribe & Save” option on for an added discount and agree to monthly or bi-monthly shipments (cancel anytime!).

You can Subscribe and Save to the following products:

I used the “Subscribe and Save” option and signed up for bi-monthly shipments of Future Greens. Does that mean I qualify for a free Fat-Burning Tribe account?

Yes! We’ll set you up with a free account within about a week of your Wild Superfoods subscription purchase. And you can access the Tribe for free as long as you’re subscribed to those shipments.

How do I update my subscription? I want to cancel my Future Greens subscription and replace it with a subscription to the Ultimate Daily Bundle. Can I keep my free access to the Fat-Burning Tribe?

Great! We’d love to make sure you keep your access to the Tribe during the transition.

Go ahead and cancel your subscription in your account by clicking the “Manage Subscription” button, then click the “Manage” drop-down list, and select “Cancel Order.” Then go ahead and place an order for the new subscription.

Then send a quick note to us at to let us know you resubscribed.

How can I skip a shipment if I’m traveling?

To skip a shipment, login and go to My Account, then click the “Manage Subscription” button. Under “Order”, click the order # link and then click “Skip Order” next to the month’s shipment that you want to skip.

Order your very own health-boosting goodies:

We’d love to hear your what you think. What issues do you run into when trying to eat veggies and get your nutrition in every day? Leave a comment below to let us know.

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