Oh, back-to-school time.


The school supplies.


The new routines.


The homework.


The mornings!


And to make your mornings just a touch smoother (for everyone), we’re sharing seven new back-to-school breakfast ideas that are as healthy as they are tasty for the kids (and, you, too!).

True story: in college I was basically addicted to Pop-Tarts and it took me a full-on year to break up with them. I wish that struggle on no one, especially my daughter. Which is why I like these so much better. With a baked oat crust that’s filled with jam and nut butter, these are also gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO. Hot or cold, they’re a much healthier twist on those other toaster pastries. (I’m looking at you, Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon.)

For those hectic mornings when you’re literally eating on the go, these are a morning-saver. Made with fruit, nut butter and seeds, they’re organic and non-GMO — and the closest you can get to having a smoothie that’s not, you know, liquid. Throw a few in your purse and you are good. (If you’ve got littles be sure to have napkins, too, though as the filling can get a bit messy.)

There’s definitely a nut-butter trend/theme going on here, huh? This granola is great right out of the bag or simply sprinkled on some yogurt. Really great at filling little bellies up.

We’ve tried (and LOVED) some of kidfresh’s meals and sides (its Totally Rockin’ Tots live up to its name), and these are no different. With nothing artificial in them, this is a healthier, protein-rich breakfast option that even sneaks in pureed carrots for the veggie win.

What’s better than a tasty frozen waffle? One that has protein and butternut squash in it. Available in blueberry, apple cinnamon and original flavors, these Belgian waffles have 15 grams of protein per two-waffle serving and are super delicious with some nut butter spread on top. Plus, if your kid only eats one … you can eat the other one.

Cold-pressed, dairy-free and with no added sugar, this smoothie-in-a-pouch is really quite storybook. Made for kids of all ages, it’s got a mix of fruits, veggies, coconut milk, and other fun superfoods like chia seeds and quinoa. You’ve got to keep these refrigerated, but, boy, are they good for busy mornings!

Kids always like to decide things for themselves, which makes this one a fun option in the morning: would you like your muesli dry or wet? Hot or cold? And, in three versions (gluten-free, tropical and paleo), they’re all unprocessed, healthy and totes tasty — no matter how your little one likes to take their muesli.

What are you giving your kiddos these mornings? Are there any of these that you’ll try, too? p.s. These also make pretty good snacks in a pinch! —Jenn

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