Hair Transplant Myths

Not only are there an abundance of myths about hair loss, there are many myths about hair transplantation as well! Here are the most common hair transplant myths debunked.,Myth one: You can tell if someone has had a hair transplant.,Happily, this myth is false. Older techniques of hair transplantation might have been easy to spot, but today’s focus on transplanting the smallest possible follicular units has changed the end result considerably. Transplant procedures that use follicular units, in combination with an understanding of the esthetics of how the hair is placed, results in a completely natural result.,Myth two: Hair transplants are not a permanent solution.,This is a yes and no. Transplanted hair from healthy follicles will last as long as the hair in the donor area lasts. It’s really that simple. So, the procedure itself is permanent. However, you may have to have more than one transplant session, depending on how your hair loss proceeds. This can happen if the original transplant is affected by new hair loss around it. It does not mean that the transplanted hair falls out.,Myth three: Get your transplant as soon as possible after your hair loss starts!,This myth is definitely false. At issue is that no one can predict exactly how your hair loss will proceed over time. Will your temples recede and then stop? Will you develop a bald crown? In the early stages of your hair loss, no one will be able to tell you for sure. So, it’s better for your hair loss to have stabilized so that your hair transplant surgeon can better plan for the best cosmetic result.,Myth four: Everyone is a good candidate for a hair transplant.,Sadly, this is not true. In order to be a good candidate for a hair transplant, you must have a good donor hair area, which will allow for follicles to be harvested for transplant. You also need to have a healthy scalp; there are some autoimmune conditions which affect the skin and which can also affect the scalp. Some of these conditions will prohibit a transplant procedure. The best way to know whether you could get the hair transplant that you want is to consult with a qualified hair transplant surgeon.,Myth five: You can have a hair transplant from someone else or from your body hair.,Here we have two myths in one! You cannot get a hair transplant from someone else’s head. You need healthy follicles that are your own for the procedure to be a success. Further, you cannot transplant body hair follicles to your head and expect that hair to start growing like your other scalp follicles. As a result, you must have a suitable donor area of hair on your scalp in order to get a hair transplant.