Radiant Skin – A Bride’s Best Accessory

Achieving the much talked of wedding day glow should be at the top of every Asian bride’s health and beauty checklist in the upcoming months to your big day. If there is one key way to perfecting your look, it is the confidence that great skin can give you when you are walking towards your new life; with admiring glances from all sides!,EAT A BALANCED DIET,You must have heard the saying ‘you are what you eat”? Our skin needs essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals in order to look soft and supple and without these the skin can look tired, lack lustre and feel coarse and dry. In order to have great skin it is important to eat foods which are packed with nutrients that can provide the body with the ability to renew the skin. Great foods to eat are those enriched with Omega 3,6 and 9, Iron, B12, Zinc and Vitamin C. My top 5 foods for great skin include olive oil (extra virgin), oily fish, dark leafy greens such as spinach that are high in iron and zinc, citrus fruits and broccoli for it’s selenium quantities which help to reduce damage caused by the sun.,For those of you who are vegan, vegetarian or have a hectic lifestyle try the supplement UDO’s oil from www.savant-health.com which is packed full of Omega 3,6 and 9. You may also want to try SkinSublim £14.99 for 30 capsules; each capsule is enriched with all the vitamins and minerals need for great skin available at Boots If you eat foods high in saturated fats your skin will reflect that so give your skin proper nutrition.,DRINK 6 TO 8 GLASSES OF WATER A DAY,Keeping you body hydrated allows it to perform all of its functions correctly without sluggishness. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day ensures that your body gets rid of any toxins and waste, which if stayed in the body could cause an adverse affect on the skin. It is best to spread the consumption of water in small amounts over the course of the day to be sure it is properly absorbed. It is especially important to keep up your water intake in the winter months for those working in air conditioned and centrally heated offices and homes where you are more likely to become dehydrated.,GET AT LEAST 7 TO 8 HOURS OF SLEEP EVERY NIGHT,Many of the bodies renewal and recovery processes are done at night when we are asleep; this included the renewal of our skin cells. Hence it is important to get good nights sleep every night to keep skin looking fresh and to keep the dark circles, puffy eyes and bags at bay! If you do suffer puffiness under the eyes, try applying a small amount of cool vitamin e cream such to the area and massage light circular movements with your little finger from inner corner of the puffy area to wards the temples. This massage technique drains the area of any excess fluids that may have built and will reduce puffiness. Try using as Bodyshop Vitamin E Eye Cream, £7.50 and available from Bodyshop stores and www.bodyshop.co.uk.,REGULAR EXERCISE!,The benefits of a good sweat were never so enticing for all ladies wanting glowing skin. Exercise gets the blood moving and promotes a healthier body which means healthier skin. To ensure the pores on your face don’t get block by dirt and sweat, make sure to wash your face immediately after exercising and to splash your face with cold water to close up your pores before applying a light moisturiser.