How To Tighten Sagging Skin

How to tighten sagging skin has always been a skin care problem. Until recently, cosmetic surgery was usually chosen. Tightening and firming skin that is loose or sagging can now be done with special skin creams and nutrients. How is this done?,Key Ingredients Are the Secret,I’m going to briefly cover three factors that help tighten sagging skin. I cover more detailed information on my website. Please read about each one. If you do you will have a skin care plan that finally works. You can say good-bye to saggy, loose skin.,The 3 skin care factors are:,Food Nutrients,Antioxidants, as you probably know, fight free radicals that damage skin cells and other body cells. They are found in our food, that is if we eat the food that has them and if we consume enough of them. Antioxidants are highly important nutrients that assist the body in tightening loose, saggy skin. Here are some to the foods (there are many more) that have a unique antioxidant behavior. They are:,*Wakame Kelp,*Passion Fruit,*Olives,*Avocados,*Grapes,*Active Manuka Honey,Other Special Antioxidants,Some antioxidants are not normally part of our diet and are located in plants. For example, blue passion flower is one. What makes it special is an antioxidant called Chrysin. What Chrysin does is support blood vessel strength. Chrysin and the above mentioned foods are necessary to help tighten skin. What else besides food is needed?,Fish Oil Omega-3,Fish oil has been shown to help tighten skin. What makes fish oil important is that is contains Omega-3 fatty acids. One study showed that just after 3 months of taking fish oil the results were a 10 in a matter of 3 weeks or less.,Skin Cream Formula Must Be Correct,For a skin cream to tighten and firm loose saggy skin it must be formulated correctly with the right ingredients in sufficient quantities. For example, nanotechnology is a process of manufacturing that is necessary to accomplish this. One ingredient to look for is called nanolipobelle, a very effective compound. Look for Chrysin that I mentioned already because it reduces bags, wrinkles and dark circles.,Your Skin Care Plan,Please follow this simple easy to do regimen.,But remember that most of the skin care products advertised and many even in health food stores don’t work and many are not safe to use. The very best skin cream to tighten sagging skin, especially on the neck and face, should have ingredients that are “safe enough to eat”. See my website for more information on how to tighten sagging skin. – Margaret Bell