Low Back Pain Relief – How to get relief?

Pain in the lower back can at times be extreme and cause discomfort and annoying. There might be several reasons for the cause of lower back pain. Some people may experience acute pain in the lower back that might last for a few days or weeks, but some of them might experience it for a life time. It is the popular concept that lower back pain is common only in the old age, but the truth is that due to several medical reasons, this pain might be present among children and people in their middle ages. Whatever, be the reason, it needs immediate medical attention so that the patient can get some relief.,It is very important to understand the different nature of pains that occurs as this would help in diagnosing and providing the correct treatment to get relief from back pain. Two types of low back pain occur, which are chronic pain and acute pain. Chronic pain might be a result of injury and can last for several months or years, while acute pains are a resulting consequence of injury to the back.,The first step to treat low back pain is to take over the counter medicines that include NSAIDs. They are anti inflammatory, non-steroidal drugs like naproxen and ibuprofen or cetaminophen. Apart from that, you can use heat pads or ice packs to bring relief. Health care professionals also advise their patients of proper bed rest as it provides with back pain relief. instantly. But too much bed rest is harmful and might cause the back to be weak. Bed rest is recommended as only as the first sign for symptoms of back pain. Patients with acute pain are given narcotics to get relief but they are only for a short time. Spasms in the lower back are given muscle relaxants. Steroids help in reducing the inflammation in the lower back.,The best and long term remedy for patients suffering from lower back pain and looking for back relief is exercise. With proper consultation and exercise like the spine strengthening one, can be quite helpful to provide relief from lower back pain and also improves the flexibility and motion of the spine. Chiropractic treatment opens up the pinched nerves and manipulates the spine, thus resulting in proper flow of blood in the back and gives back relief. Patients can also take the advice of a good physiotherapist who can devise customized exercises to the patient in order to strengthen the back.,Swimming is also a good form of activity aimed at providing relief from low back pain. Doing water related exercises can help in strengthening the spine and provide long term relief. Doing yoga is also considered as one of the best ways to relax the back muscles and get far reaching results. Acupressure also helps in providing relief to lower back pain by applying pressure to the different controlling pressure joints present in the back.,Contacting a good health care professional is the best way to get rid of your lower back pain.