How To Enjoy Swimming Without Damaging Your Hair

Do you spend hours at the pool or beach because you love to swim? Here’s something important for you to remember – you need to take special care of your hair. If you are negligent about hair care, you will soon start noticing frizz, limpness, and dryness in your hair.,Protecting Hair When Outdoors,Sun-bleached hair is no longer considered as attractive as it once was. Sun damage makes hair dull, lifeless, and dry. It makes hair brittle and gives rise to frizz. If you think that cloudy days pose less of a threat, you are wrong. Ultra violet rays of the sun can breach cloud cover and damage your hair severely.,You should use a hat to cover hair while out in the sun. Inside the water, a swimming cap helps keep not just sunlight but salt out of your hair. Salt can make hair dry and brittle, which is why swimmers are advised to take special precautions when swimming.,Use Keranique hair products such as shampoo and conditioner. According to Keranique hair product reviews, Keranique hair loss products for women are sulfate-free and therefore, safe for hair. The shampoo and conditioner contain hydrolyzed keratin, which forms a protective layer over the hairs shaft to keep it safe from sun damage. Keranique products target thinning hair, and they make hair more manageable and thicker.,Swimming at Pools,Swimming pools contain chlorine, which is harmful to hair. Dermatologists recommend spending minimum time in the pool, if you want to protect your hair. You should ideally enter the pool after rinsing your hair with plain (chlorine-free) water, as this reduces the amount of salt and chemicals soaked in the hair.,Taking Care of Dry, Brittle Hair,Excessive exposure to sunlight, chlorine, salt, and other factors may make hair dry and prone to breaking. You have to handle such hair gently and follow a regular hair care routine. Involve Keranique hair products into your hair management and care regimen. Keranique shampoo nourishes and cleans hair and scalp, offering protection from harmful UV rays. It helps control frizz and makes hair less of a tangled mess.,The Keranique conditioner makes hair soft, glossy, and moisturizes it. Another product in the Keranique kit is the hair regrowth formula, containing the only FDA approved formula for hair regrowth. A fourth product is the follicle-boosting serum, which is gentler than the regrowth formula. Make sure not to use the regrowth formula and serum together. The Keranique product specialist will explain how to use this product correctly.