Prepare Your Hair for the Big Day: Advice by DAR

Celebrity Hair Stylist and media celebrity, DAR (Of Hari’s Salon Fame) shares with us his invaluable tips for achieving the perfect hair condition and style on your big day. As DAR succinctly reveals, vitamins, research and lots of planning will make sure both you and your hair look absolutely stunning on your wedding day.,Once your Prince Charming pops the question, make things easier for yourself and start looking for your desired hairdresser and make-up artist straightaway. Unless your personal hair stylist specialises in weddings, look for one who can dress hair well but also has the experience to back their skills up for the big day. Word-of-mouth recommendations are good but not always advisable because what suits one person’s hair might not suit another, so visit their website, check their portfolio and find out if they’ve done any magazine work or high-profile events.,Once you’ve found your ideal bridal hair and make-up expert, make sure you book them well in advance. This also gives you a chance to decide what you’d like to do with your hair and make-up – if you decide on a long hairdo; you have time to grow it into the style.,This gives you the opportunity to get your hair and skin into top condition by taking vitamin supplements that help boost health. My personal favourite is the colour enhancing treatment, which is a vegetable dye (not permanent) that makes the hair extremely glossy.,The hair and make-up trial is a must because it enables you to feel comfortable with the style you choose. It is crucial that you put some make-up on the trial day because if you try on glamorous hairdos with a plain face, it doesn’t allow you to accurately envisage how you’ll look.,Try to get your make-up artist to join you on the trial, so it’s a perfect match. Most importantly, take the top of your wedding outfit with you or take something that has a similar cut or colour to it. This allows the hairdresser to assess your overall look and suggest accessories accordingly.,Take a close friend or relative with you to the trial. I can’t stress this enough. It ensures that you won’t be pushed into a hairstyle you’re not sure of, and it’s nice to know that when you do settle on your chosen hairstyle, there’ll be someone there to reassure you when the pre-wedding jitters kick in.,Be adventurous. Let your hairdresser suggest a variety of styles and choose the one you feel most comfortable in. Summer brides are extremely fortunate because even a simplistic style like a side-parted bun looks stunning if accessorised with tropical blooms.,If you hair is on the thin side, don’t be afraid to use hairpieces to boost the volume. I’ve found that women who aren’t used to having their hair elaborately styled are apprehensive of using them but, as long as you buy a quality hairpiece that is a good match to your natural hair colour, it can look fantastic. I strongly recommend you to buy 100 per cent human hair clip-on extension shop such as Hairaisers.,Once you decide on a hairstyle, take pictures of the front, back and side. This allows you to show your family and friends your hairstyle to get feedback. Bring the picture with you on the big day to remind your hair stylist of the style you chose to ensure it’s an exact replica.,Wash your hair the day before the trial as opposed to on the actual day. If the hair is too clean, it becomes difficult to put up and requires a lot of mousse and hair spray, which may make your hair feel unnecessarily heavy.,Always choose a hairstyle you feel most comfortable with and that suits your individual sense of style and face shape, as opposed to what you’re told is.