Why You Need a Natural Skin Moisturizer

A natural skin moisturizer is one that does not contain artificial preservatives, fragrances, dyes or other additives. It is true that natural oils can become rancid. But manufacturers do not need to include an artificial preservative in a face moisturizer nor in an eye moisturizer. This is because artificial preservatives are most likely cause of allergic and adverse reactions.,Avoid These Harmful Ingredients,It is particularly important that an under eye moisturizer be free of the additives mentioned above, because the skin beneath the eyes is particularly delicate. Things like added fragrances will irritate the eyes. There is no reason to add fragrances to moisturizers. Traditionally, it was done to mask the odor of petroleum-based oils, which are still the primary ingredients in most moisturizers on the market.,A natural skin moisturizer should not contain petroleum-based oils like petrolatum or mineral oil. You need to read the label, since technically speaking, those are naturally occurring substances. If you continue to use a face moisturizer or under eye moisturizer that contains those ingredients, you will eventually end up with excessive dryness. This is because petroleum based products strip the skin’s naturally occurring moisture, called sebum.,Best Ingredients for Moisturizers,As time goes by, you would need to use more and more of a face moisturizer that contains petroleum-based oils and the result would be a prematurely aged appearance. In large amounts, petrolatum and mineral oil interfere with the skin’s rejuvenation processes. They clog the pores, preventing the release of toxins. On the short-term they will probably cause pimples, black heads and other blemishes.,The best under eye moisturizer contains ingredients that prevent the formation of bags and dark circles. The most effective are European ingredients called Eyeliss and Haloxyl. They contain plant antioxidants and protein peptide complexes that have been shown to improve circulation in the area, which reduces bags and dark circles. They are five times as effective as other moisturizers.,An effective natural skin moisturizer for the whole body may cost a little more than other skincare products. But, for the elbows, knees and heels, you need a little more help. If you have stretch marks, old scars or other blemishes, ingredients like jojoba and olive oil extracts are most effective, but they are not cheap.,An effective face moisturizer to use during the day should contain grape seed oil, coenzyme Q10 and kelp extracts. A natural skin moisturizer for nighttime use should contain Shea butter and avocado oil. But, whether you are talking about an under eye moisturizer or one to be used anywhere on the body, there is one ingredient that can do more for your appearance and your skin’s health than any other. That ingredient is called Cynergy TK.,Cynergy TK is a complex that contains the protein keratin, the primary component of the cells in the epidermis. It has been shown, in clinical studies, to improve the skin’s moisture content by 25 higher than it was before treatment. After 18 days, it improves your skin’s ability to retain moisture.,If you use a natural skin moisturizer containing Cynergy TK on a regular basis, your appearance will improve and you’ll never have trouble with dry spots, again. Please visit my website for more information. – Margaret Bell