Hair loss problems

Although baldness does not cause any health problems, it has a strong psychological impact. What you probably worry is the fact that men are losing the hair as a sign of aging and loss of sexual power. Chinese believed that baldness is a devilish fine (maybe because baldness is much rarer in Chinese people, even there are two times less bald Chinese than Europeans).,The onset of baldness is a very slow process. It has been noticed that the hair falls in specific sequence and thus we distinguish the eight degrees of baldness. First scale for measuring baldness was made by James Hamilton and improved version of Hamilton scale was made by Norwood. Most simple scale is given by Ebling and Rook by dividing the ethnic groups.,Hair loss is usually a disorder that had occurred in the regulation of hair growth. The main reason for male baldness is hormone called testosterone which acts on the follicles and their growth over time is becoming shorter. Actually, this is the follicles in a resting stage, because if you analyse the scalp of bald people, you will see that they have hair but it is small, thin, and almost without pigment.,Proof that baldness is a big problem to most people is actual demand for any kind of treatment for hair growth. After all, this problem has plagued the ancient Greeks.,Hair falls stronger during chemotherapy or radiotherapy, but it should be noted that this situation was only temporary and usually lasts for 1 year – in fact in most patients hair loss stops falling after cessation of chemo or radiotherapy. Own hair usually returns after a certain time (according to medical experience, within 1 year).,Hair loss can occur with other systemic illness when the illness can affect not only the various organs, but also the scalp. In such cases, the problem of hair loss can be offset by treating the primary disease.,Many people wonder why they should solve problems with hair loss when it is an inherited disease that is when it affects only the appearance of an individual. The fact is that good looking is important to most people. Mentioned condition has cosmetic and psychological effects that are manifested in different ways.,One of the medicaments that was popular in eighties was based on estrogens (female sex hormone) which controls the effects of testosterone on hair follicles. However, it was shown that in addition to hair, men grow something else – mostly female attributes.,There are more exotic solutions: lubricate the scalp with oil, drinking large amounts of green tea, in a recent time – hair transplantation, and what is promising is a relatively new treatment – hair cloning.,Sometimes the problem is resolved with wigs, but today, it seems, the situation is slowly changing. It seems that the hair loss is in both fashion and beyond. Many film stars have built a recognizable career thanks to baldness.,Thus, the female population is divided. One thing is certain: perhaps Samson’s strength was in the hair, but remember it is a myth. Depends on how you look at your own baldness.,It can be an advantage or disadvantage.