What is Latisse and Its Possible Side Effects?

Many individuals would like to have beautiful looking eyes and to achieve this, they commonly go to beauticians and consult their physicians. However, in many cases, they only manage to get minimal results. In order to have eyes that are more elegant looking, many of them simply opt to buy Latisse. Unfortunately, many are still clueless as to what Latisse really is. In order for you to know more about this product, it is best for you to check out this article.,What is Latisse?,Latisse is actually the brand name for bimatoprost. It has been approved by FDA or Food and Drug Administration that serves as the cure for insufficient eyelashes, a condition known as hypotrichosis. Aside from Latisse, bimatorpost is marketed as well as Lumigan being its brand name, which is utilized in the prescription eye drops meant for treating glaucoma. In reality, eyelash growth has not been a side effect that was expected, and this then led to the manufacturing as well as selling of Latisse.,When applied regularly along the eyelash line of your upper eyelid (this should never be applied on the lower eyelid), Latisse can gradually boost the growth of darker, thicker, and longer eyelash. The product is recommended to be used every day within two months at least before full results can be noticed. The improvement of the eyelashes will continue provided that the medication is used continuously. The moment you ceased using the eyelash growth product, your lashes will then go back to their original look.,Possible Latisse Side Effects,• Dry eyes,• Reddish and itchy eyes,• Eyelid skin darkening (where the product has been applied),• Increased and permanent brown pigmentation on the iris,• Hair growth surrounding the eyes in case the product usually drips or runs over this spot,A certain study has revealed that Latisse does not have much effect in those individuals who are suffering from total eyelash loss as a result of alopecia areata, which is one medical condition causing a temporary loss of hair.,If you are highly concerned with the current looks of your eyelashes, the best thing that you can do is consult your physician. He will be the one to help you out in weighing the advantages and disadvantages of using the various eyelash growth products that are available in the market these days, including Latisse. This way, you will be properly guided with your decision.