5 Ways to Win the Battle Against Allergies Naturally

Allergy season is upon us again. 35 million American’s suffer from seasonal allergies, also known as “hay fever” and “seasonal allergic rhinitis.” These allergies occur when we inhale pollens and mold spores from flowers, trees, grass, and even weeds.,Some of us also suffer allergies indoors from dust mites and dander from our beloved four-legged friends.,No matter what the source, we all know what allergies feel like: itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, scratchy throat, headaches. The symptoms of allergies are to say the least, unpleasant. So we pop antihistamines for any relief we can get, even though we know that antihistamines and allergy medicines, although fast-acting, can have harmful side-effects and can do more damage than good in the long run.,As a long time allergy sufferer myself, I wanted to know more about what I could do to alleviate my allergy symptoms without drugs.,I believe in Ayurveda and natural remedies to strengthen the immune system so the body can fight allergies. I’ve written this article to share with you the natural ways you can feel better, without having to suffer from the unpleasant side-effects of taking drugs!,5 Ways to Win the Battle Against Allergies Naturally!,Cleanse. Twice a year, a month before the allergy seasons starts, avoid hard-to-digest foods like heavy oily foods and cold foods and liquids like ice cream and cold drinks. Packaged foods, leftovers and processed foods are also a no-go. Instead, stick to fresh cooked vegetables, whole grains, and plenty of fruit. Also be sure to drink lots of water throughout the day. This will strengthen your immune system and not compromise your body’s ability to deal with contaminants.,Eat with the season. In the springtime, consume lots of tender, leafy, green vegetables. This will continue to cleanse your body and allow your immune system to focus on keeping your allergies away. In the fall, root vegetables are the go-to foods for seasonal eating. Let the seasons natural backdrop be your guide.,Give it some spice. Spices can be a helpful ally when it comes to fighting your allergies. They contain flavonoids and phenols which can reduce allergic reactions to plants (i.e., flowers, grass). Here is a list of some particularly beneficial allergy fighting herbs:,• Turmeric,• Sage,• Cumin,• Coriander,• Fennel,• Black pepper,• Ginger,So spice up your next meal and feel the healthy benefits of great tasting food! Sauté the spices in a little olive oil or ghee to release the full potential of these allergy fighting spices. You can even take supplements that contain these herbs for extra protection.,Rest up. It is very important to get lots of rest during allergy season. Rest boosts a depressed immune system and your immune system needs all the help it can get during allergy season. It’s also ideal to sleep at the best possible times. It is recommended to be in bed before 10pm and up before 6am. The body naturally cleanses away toxins while we’re asleep beginning at 10pm.,Take natural allergy supplements and herbal teas. If you’re immune system has been weakened by allergies, you can also take Freeze-dried Stinging Nettle Supplements and Stinging Nettle tea to strengthen your immune system. Dried Nettle Leaf supports and strengthens the respiratory system. Slippery Elm Bark herbal supplements can also help with allergies. Native Americans have used it for centuries as a natural remedy.,Personally, when I feel an allergy attack coming on, this recipe has worked wonders for me:,• Freeze-dried Stinging Nettles, 400 mg 2xs per day,• Slippery Elm Bark, 400 mg 2xs per day,• Stinging Nettles tea and Slippery Elm bark tea, blended together in 1 cup (with local honey, added after the tea has been blended together. I would not recommend boiling honey because it produces toxins in the body.),You can use this recipe as a natural remedy for seasonal allergies and modify it according to what works for you. It may take some time to strengthen the immune system, but don’t give up. Natural remedies do work. Give Ayurveda and natural remedies a try. You could be enjoying the great outdoors tomorrow and improving your health today.,Disclaimer: Fill Your Cup Up, Inc. is a corporation that recommends general health and wellness products and services; however, results vary from patient to patient. It is the individual’s (personal and financial) responsibility to decide which form of alternative health care is appropriate for their situation.