Dermatend, the Safest and Fastest way to remove Moles and Skin Tags.

For many, moles and skin tags are not just an eyesore, they can be downright uncomfortable. Today we’re going to look at what moles and skin tags are, and what you can do to help remove them, as opposed to surgery.,Until very recently, mole and skin tag removal involved expensive, painful, and sometimes risky surgery. Patients desiring to have moles or skin tags removed were forced, too often, not to only undergo the cost and discomfort of surgery, but also suffer from the noticeable scar after.,What are Skin tags?,Skin tags (acrochordons) are a common, acquired, benign skin growth. Skin tags are associated with areas of the body known to be rubbed by clothing, such as the neck, shoulders, underarms, and they are even on the eyelid. Skin tags are usually irregular in shape, are flesh-colored or brown, and normally extend from the surface of the skin. Beginning skin tags are usually a bump on the surface of the skin. They are not usually associated with any form of cancer as they are commonly found on otherwise healthy people. Approximately 1 out of every 2 Americans has skin tags.,What are moles?,Moles (nevus) are pink, brown, or black and are either raised or flat. Moles on the face were once called ‘beauty marks.’ They were so fashionable that sometimes they were painted on. Unlike skin tags, moles have been found to have a higher percentage of being cancerous, those are atypical moles. Most moles are benign, meaning they are harmless. Sun exposure can also add new moles to the skin and new moles can also appear during the teen years of most folks, as well as, during pregnancy. Moles, unlike skin tags, are predetermined before birth from what some have suggested?,How can I remove my moles or skin tags?,As mentioned previously, patients can elect for surgery to remove their moles and skin tags. Costs of this kind of surgery will run from $150 and up. Many patients who elect removal of their moles or skin tags need pain medication after the procedure is done.,Surgery involves the pain of recovery, and always carries risks.,Dermatend offers a safe, all-natural, effective method to remove moles and skin tags with little or no scarring, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.,Dermatend is an amazing breakthrough product that has proven to thousands to being the better option for removal of moles and skin tags.,With Dermatend’s Risk Free 60 day, 100% guarantee you can try it with confidence.