Acne Control by Use of Cosmetic or Pharmaceutical Products

One usually achieves acne control by the constant use of cosmetic or pharmaceutical products with a topical anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Herbal extracts, salicylic acid, bezoyl peroxide are just a few examples of common anti-acne products, yet such treatments give adverse reactions too. They can be very irritant with a potentially damaging effect on the healthy skin. It is therefore wiser to choose a gradual acne control method as a means of preventing further tissue damage.,Tretinoin is a product praised for good results in the acne control. It acts by the peeling of the superficial skin layer and causes a pores de-congestion. The problem with tretinoin is that it actually makes acne worse at first before coming to clear it. Among the side effects of the treatment we can count skin scaling, stinging, swelling or flushing. You can choose from gels, facial lotions, creams and foams that contain tretinoin, but remember to administrate them carefully.,Adapalene represents another acne control treatment form that is available prescription-based. The big merit of this medication is that it keeps the pores free of toxins, but it is accompanied by adverse reactions like skin swelling, irritation, local dryness and itching. It is an absolute must to remain under professional observation during the use of this acne-control product, particularly when you have to take antibiotics too as a complementary form of support.,Cosmetic treatments deserve credit for solving lots of skin problems and helping one develop acne control. The only difficulty with cosmetic items is that they can aggravate or camouflage acute acne outbreaks doing more damage than good to the skin. Thus, it is important to avoid all products that contain oil, stearic acid, lanolin or petrolatum since these will actually clog the pores and create the right environment for the development of acne. Alcohol is preferable to oil, but the highest quality is attributed to water-based cosmetics.,Acne control brought by wonder products is often hard to believe, and it’s wise to remember that prevention works miracles for the skin look. Proper information on how to care for zits so that skin healing can be complete and without scars is of paramount importance. Also pay attention to the diet rules related to skin health: you’ll be surprised to see that the low quality food you may be eating is causing lots of skin troubles afterwards.