5 Signs of Bad Botox

You fear Botox because it’s gotten a bad reputation for creating unnatural results that look just plain weird. Droopy eyelids, frozen foreheads, serious bruising – you’ve seen people with the following signs, with one or more, and it’s the reason why you’ve avoided the stuff for so long:,Unable to Express Emotion – Poker Face Perfection,Botox relaxes the muscles, and indeed, when the injection is performed poorly, targeted muscles relax “too much”. That means you may not be able to frown or squint, amongst managing other expressions.,Eyelids that Droop – Bedroom Eyes Gone Wrong,If the person performing your Botox treatment places the injection inaccurately, namely too close to the brows or lids, a side effect may be drooping in the overall area.  ,Eyebrows that Arch – Surprise, Surprise!,Don’t like the droop? This one goes in totally the opposite direction – one or both of your brows will be popped up after an inaccurate injection, making you look surprised all of the time. If only one brow pops up, then you’ll look quizzical. It’s definitely not a good expression to have all of the time.,Serious Bruising and Irritation – Ouch!,The simple act of injection is most likely to cause some extent of bruising, redness and swelling. However, when the treatment is performed by the unskilled, the rate of these side effects dramatically increases. Intense inflammation may also result.,Totally Smooth Forehead– Hello, Nicole Kidman,Nicole Kidman is gorgeous, but her incredibly smooth forehead looks like alabaster. There’s not one wrinkle, and yet she’s well into her 40s. Unnatural? We think so! A good medical professional knows how to achieve natural-looking results, not too-perfect. Too-perfect is unbelievable, and good cosmetic medicine is all about making results believable, but fantastic!,You’ve seen these signs, we’re sure, but don’t deprive yourself of the benefits of this wrinkle treatment just because of a reputation founded on myth. If you get your Botox treatment done by an expert and the product is the real thing (check the label), there’s no need to fear – you’ll be in good hands as long as you’ve done your homework. Be vigilant and you’ll be rewarded with no more wrinkles and a face that’ll look at least 10 years younger!