Four Ways To Combat Body Acne

The impact the body acne has on an individual can be reduced by taking some steps to prevent its spread and medication to get rid of what you already have.,Research shows that over 3/4 of the people who have facial acne also suffer from the dreaded body acne. Ninety-percent has the acne infection on their shoulders, chest, back, and neck. There are smaller numbers of those with acne on their stomach and legs. It is certain that acne on the face damages your personality, but it is also true that body acne does the same thing. The curse of acne means that men do not want to take their shirts off in public and women cannot feel comfortable in low cut dresses or sleeveless shirts. There is also no comfortable feeling in swimwear. The impact that body based acne has on an individual can be reduced by taking some steps to prevent its spread and medication to get rid of what you already have.,The Challenge,Body acne is a bigger challenge than facial acne is. First, the back is not as easy to reach and treat. Next, these body parts have more pores to clean and which will produce more oils. This means it is more vulnerable to infections than the face would be. The skin on these other body parts is thicker than the facial skin and does not work well with topical or oral medication at the lower doses that work with facial acne problems.,Commercial Creams And Lotions,Mostly all the commercial lotions and creams have three ingredients used most often. These are glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid. They work to unclog the pores and also have antibacterial properties to them that fight acne. They also lower the amount of oil in the skin. They are great for their success rate but can cause the skin to be dry. It is necessary to moisturize the skin to prevent drying.,Herbal Remedies,Those who support the use of herbal remedies will recommend to you creams and lotions that have a variety of herbs in them. More commonly, you will find dandelion root, neem, yellow dock, sarsparilla root, and honeysuckle. These herbs are mild antibiotics and also give anti-inflammatory results. Some even clean the blood. Added body scrubs with these ingredients will enhance how well they work to promote healthy looks to the skin. Apricot is the more common roughage used in facial scrubs of this kind. Body acne can be treated with oral antibiotics and the vitamins B3, E, A, and B2.,Hygiene,Simple hygiene and health can work to control the body acne you have. First, dermatologists agree that stress is the main cause of hormone changes that can aggravate acne. Being calm will go a long way to reducing acne symptoms. Proper measures of hygiene include regularly using body wash that includes antibacterial ingredients, moisturizing creams, and a soft towel to pat dry the skin. Take off clothing that is sweaty immediately and do not rub or irritate the affected area. It is also essential to get plenty of exercise and the right amount of sleep. Consult a dermatologist before you take or use any kind of medication whether it is topical or oral in nature.