What are the symptoms of a yeast infection?

Different vaginal infections tend to have very similar symptoms, so if a woman is experiencing one for the 1st time, or is uncertain about a right course of treatment, she should definitely see her physician in order to get a proper diagnosis.,Yeast infections are caused by an overgrowth of an organism called Candida albicans. This organism is sometimes present in the vagina in smaller numbers without any symptoms, but occasionally a change in their surroundings causes them to really procreate and grow out of control.,These overgrowths are easily controlled with medications designed to wipe out Candida.,Treatments come in a big range of sorts including pills and vaginal ointments, many are obtainable over the counter.,So, how can a woman tell that she experiences a yeast infection?,Most women relate a thick discharge that looks like cottage cheese with the Candida bug, although only about 20% go through it. If it is existing, the discharge may either have a starchy odor to it, or possibly none at all, and its colour can change from white to a more yellowish color.,Since not everyone experiences the discharge, the simplest way for a woman to tell that she has a yeast infection is that she itches in and around her vagina. A lot. The itchiness may be accompanied by a burning sensation, and her vulvar area can be red and swelled. It may also burn or be in general uncomfortable for her to urinate, and sex may get painful as well.,A good way to distinguish the burning on urination that is due to a yeast infection vs. a urinary tract infection is to pay close attention to exactly when the burning begins and stops.,With yeast, the burning is due to astringent urine reaching the irritated skin of the vulva, so the burning begins when the urine contacts the outside.,With urinary tract infection, the burning is felt as the urine goes down the pipe on its way out.,While these are the common symptoms of a yeast infection, each woman may go through it differently. She may distinguish an infection by the scent and consistency of the discharge, which can be particular to her.,However, certain symptoms unquestionably do not go along with a simple yeast infection, and they may indicate that something more severe is going on. For example, if she is feverish or is feeling pelvic pain, these are definitely indicants that she ought to see her doctor in order to get a special diagnosis and medical care.