Anti-Aging Creams – What Do Those Ingredients Do for Your Wrinkles Anyway?

As time marches on, it can show on your skin. Your skin ages as life goes on and this can show with such things as wrinkles. These can make you look older than you actually are at times. Luckily, today there are anti-aging, skin creams to help diminish this sign of aging as well as others, that is, if the creams contain the right ingredients.,What Ingredients Skin Creams Should Contain,Skin creams need to contain certain ingredients if they are going to effectively diminish wrinkles. Antioxidants are on the top of the list. These come for natural sources and have the ability to ward off the free radicals that play havoc with our bodies including the skin. Free radicals are compounds that damage human cells throughout the body. Damaged skin can lead to dry skin, wrinkles, lackluster skin, and many more signs of aging. The right anti-aging cream will contain antioxidants to prevent further damage from happening and help repair present damage. Some of these ingredients are listed below:,This ingredient is a type of vitamin A. Applied topically to the skin; it can stimulate collagen production in the skin. This action diminishes wrinkles and fine lines. Many products on the market today contain this ingredient.,This ingredient is more commonly known as CoQ-10 and is produced in the body. However, the level of this drops in the body. This can open skin cells other cell up to free radicals causing damage. This is included in many products from toners to skin creams. It can diminish wrinkles such as those that form in the eye area.,This vitamin has been found to help stimulate collagen production and in turn reduce not only wrinkles, but also fine lines, when it is topically applied to the skin. Even scars can be diminished in the process.,This extract contains polyphenols, which are effective in the fight against free radical. Green tea extract can help lessen damage to the skin caused by the sun when applied topically. It could also keep the skin safe from cancer. The polyphenols are also anti-inflammatory agents and when placed in skin creams help to improve wrinkles, slow the skin aging and even tighten up loose skin.,These are just some of the antioxidants that should be added to skin creams to make the creams effective.,Other Ingredients,The above are just some of the ingredients any quality skin cream should contain. Do the creams work? With regular use, the right skin creams can keep the skin lustrous looking and lower the risk of wrinkles. They can also provide other anti-aging results. A person needs also to live a lifestyle that does not overly stress the skin.