3 Teeth Whitening Myths – Learn The Facts

When it comes to teeth whitening, there are myths and there is reality. There seems to be much false information propagating the internet and a lot of people seem to be misinformed about some aspects of at home teeth whitening. This article will set the record straight on a few current teeth whitening myths.,Myth 1: When I have my teeth whitened all my teeth, fillings, crowns, bridges and everything in my mouth will be white!,Fact – Teeth are the only thing that whitens. There is not a single whitening product in the world that has any affect on bridges, crowns, bonding, filling or anything else. So you could end up with white teeth and darker restorations which does not look very good at all. So if at all possible, make sure that before you have your dental work done that you whiten your teeth first. Then you can have your crowns and restorations made to match your white teeth.,Myth 2: The only real way to whiten my teeth is by going to the dentist.,Fact – Numerous studies have been done and the results are in. There is statistically no difference at all between dentist bleaching and at home whitening. This includes basically all at home whitening systems that are currently on the market. Now, some products are more effective than others, but generally the same results can be seen with at home teeth whiteners. This is why at home whitening systems are becoming so popular.,Myth 3: Once I have my teeth whitened, I never have to do anything again.,Fact – How white your teeth remain in the future depends on numerous factors. Are you cleaning your teeth properly & keeping them clean consistently? Are you constantly eating foods or drinking beverages that are known to stain? Are you still smoking like a chimney or have you kicked the habit? All of these things will affect how white your teeth will remain and it really is different for each individual. The good news is that in most cases doing a touch-up takes a lot less time than the original whitening.