Herbal Facial Masks and Proper Skin Care

The secret to proper facial cleansing and radiant skin is to get rid of any dead cells and toxins not thrown off naturally by the skin; remove all makeup, dirt, grime and chemical pollutants; clear out clogged pores and eliminate infection-causing bacteria without stripping away the skin’s natural oils and hydration.,Most facial care products-cleansers, masks and scrubs, dry the skin and alter its PH balance, causing skin to become more alkaline. In fact, advertisers have led us to believe the best facial products are the ones that make the most suds or leave a ‘squeaky-clean’ sensation. In principal, this result sounds good, especially if you have oily skin, but in fact the body always seeks to normalize itself – that is to balance and heal – so when we remove the skin’s oil content, it responds by making more oil to compensate for the loss.,If we dry the skin too much, it will produce excessive amounts of oil that may exacerbate an existing acne condition. Of course, if you have dry skin already, you do not want to make it drier. If you have sensitive skin, you do not want to irritate it further with harsh chemicals and soaps.,Herbal clay masks have been found to do wonders for the skin – naturally. The herbs act as a gentle scrub to clear away the dirt, toxins, pollutants and dead skin cells, but they do not strip away the necessary moisture in the skin. At the same time, they are balancing, nutritive, healing and totally free of toxic ingredients.For deeper exfoliation, experts recommend herbal masks at least once or twice a week.,The skin sheds cells at a rate of one million per hour, so it is important to do a mild exfoliation daily. A that rate, it takes the skin about one month to completely regenerate itself and the herbal mask, “peels” away the old cells, so new ones can grow. The dead cells are also the top protective layer of the skin, however, and if we remove too much too soon, we leave the new cell growth unprotected. If the cells are not growing in at the rate we remove them, skin problems will develop.,An herbal facial mask can perform wonders on dry, oily, flaky, or just plain tired skin without damaging the renewing skin cells. Before setting out to purchase a facial mask first, ask yourself what you want to fix or change about your complexion. Is your skin excessively oily? Does it feel dry and tight? Does your skin look dull and flaky in the mirror? Whatever your specific skin type, herbal clay masks (preferably organic) will bring out your best appearance.,If you are blessed with oily skin, be thankful. Your skin will age the best, with fewer wrinkles than those with dry skin. Those with oily skin should only be careful to prevent blackheads and clogged pores; this is easy if you use the right products and facial masks. Do not be seduced by products that claim to “pull” the clogs out of your pores. These will damage your skin over time, making your pores permanently enlarged. Better are dissolving facial masks that remove pore-clogging matter gently. Another great attribute of a clay facial mask is that it will leave very tiny residue behind, filling in fine lines and slightly enlarges pores. This is a perfect way to prepare for a big night out, giving you a perfectly smooth surface over which to apply makeup.,A facial mask should be applied weekly and left on the skin for at least 15 minutes or longer. Apply in a circular motion and use enough product to leave a thick layer on your face. Spend time relaxing while the mask does its job. Remove the mask with warm water and gentle scrubbing. Treating your face to an herbal clay mask each week will keep you looking fresh and youthful and maintain optimal skin health.