It took me 7 months to lose 20lbs : loseit

It took me 7 months to lose 20lbs : loseit

And I’m very happy with myself! I (31F 5’9”) told myself at the beginning of the year that if I was going to lose weight I had to do it slowly. I have been that person who lost 50lbs and gained half of it back. The half that I gained back was the weight that I lost through rapid weight loss diets. The other half that I managed to keep off? I lost that weight slowly over months and months.

So I thought in celebration of losing 20lbs this year I would post how I slowly changed my habits over the last 7 months. I think it’s also important to note that unemployment played a big part of my life this year, even before the pandemic. Knowing that I had to do a 30 min youtube HIIT workout everyday kept my sane and gave me a structured day when the gyms closed and we were advised to stay home for many months. I had binge days here and there, but the most important thing I learned was to not let it throw you off. Yes I pissed when I only lost 1.8lbs in June but I also had a huge life change the month and I chose to be mad about it for a day and then move on. Also I didn’t restrict myself from having any specific food or dessert (besides meat) as long as it was in my calorie limit.

I am also including my My Fitness Pal progress chart from the past 7 months and then my chart from 2016 to today to show how weight loss is not always linear. I also don’t have a lot of NSV because I hold my weight in my stomach/below my waist. So I can tell I have lost because my face looks…

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