Men’s Health Is Also a Woman’s Issue

Men’s Health Is Also a Woman’s Issue


Men’s Health Is Also a Woman’s Issue

Why should women care about
men’s health? Because men’s health affects women directly, says Armin Brott in
Blueprint for Men’s Health: A Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle,” a 76-page book available from Men’s Health

Brott, a spokesman for Men’s
Health Network and author of the syndicated Healthy Men column, has written
about men’s health for many national publications and is the best-selling
author of seven books on fatherhood. He notes that more than half of premature
deaths among men are preventable, and that women who educate themselves about
men’s health issues can help save the lives of the men they love.

It’s a shocking statistic,
Brott notes, but it’s true: More than half the elderly widows now living in
poverty were not poor before their husbands died. The statistic comes from a
report from the U.S. Administration on Aging called “Meeting the Needs of Older Women:
A Diverse and Growing Population

Women outlive men by an
average of about five years. There are many reasons why men die sooner than
women. Men: 

  • Die
    younger of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and other diseases
  • Don’t
    take care of themselves as well as women do
  • Don’t
    seek medical attention when they need it
  • Are
    less likely to adopt preventive health…

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