Products by Skin Type from Beautycounter

Products by Skin Type from Beautycounter

This post is for anyone overwhelmed by the beauty market who hasn’t yet found a skincare routine that they love. If you have – stick to what works!! For the rest of you, I can help you answer the question “What’s my skin type” and make some recommendations from Beautycounter based on your response. This post contains affiliate links.

A lot of people stick to a super basic skincare routine because there are so many options out there it’s easy to get overwhelmed. (This was me 2 years ago!) One peek into the serum aisle and you’ll get analysis paralysis. As many of you know, I didn’t really get “into” skincare until I committed to one brand. Linking arms with Beautycounter was kind of like shopping at Whole Foods: once you know the company’s mission aligns with your values, you can shop freely and confidently inside.

Narrowing down the market to one brand also makes it a lot easier to match products to your skin type.

Skin type is influenced by many things: genetics, lifestyle, environment, nutrition, hydration, hormones. It’s always best to work from the inside out. When you think you’ve done a good job managing the variables in your control, it’s time to choose a skincare routine that matches your skin type.

Do you know your skin type?

  • Dry: If your skin is flaky, tight after washing, and/or drinks up the moisturizer, you likely have dry skin. You might struggle with dullness, fine lines, and have small pores.
  • Oily: You have excess oil all…

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