2 Simple Tricks to Stick to your Low Carb Keto Food Plan

2 Simple Tricks to Stick to your Low Carb Keto Food Plan

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2 Simple Tricks to Stick to your Low Carb Keto Food Plan Coaching Class

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I know what it’s like to make a food plan and even have every intention of following it. Then of course, things happen, struggles, upset, obstacles, you name it and your plan gets pushed out the door. How and why does this continue to happen and prevent you from reaching your goals? 

There are reasons and of course, there are solutions and that is exactly what we’ll get into in this next coaching class on Zoom on Wednesday, August 5th at 7:30pm eastern time. If you can’t make it live, it will be recorded and you’ll have access to it as a VIP member. Membership info is below. 

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In May 2020, I designed and launched my 5 week Sugar Detox Course that was a revamped sugar detox program I originally created back in 2012.  It was a huge success with many fantastic testimonials like this one:

Susan says, “I stepped on the scale this morning, after just one week on plan I’m down 4.8 pounds! So excited!”

If you missed the announcement and weren’t able to join, you can get on the waitlist for the next class in September. 

Sugar Detox Course September Class Waitlist

However after the course ended…

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