Motivation Monday: Commit to These 3 Nutrition Tips for #TIU21!



Morning beautiful! This week we asked you to share your biggest goals for the TIU21 Program. So many of you opened up to the Community and set your intentions ~ we’re so proud of you! Many of you have also been asking about nutrition during the next 21 days of this Program. Today we’re sharing our Top 3 Nutrition Tips to stick to for #TIU21.

We’ll be following these tips throughout the 21 days, plus your body is going to feel so great pairing this with your #TIUapp workouts. Let’s do this together! As a team, we can achieve anything we set our minds (and hearts) to!


1. Lean, Clean, ‘N Green

The more greens you can pack into your meals, the lighter, leaner, and more satisfied you’ll feel. Aim to include veggies in at least three of your meals every day.  Cauliflower or spinach in your morning smoothie. A delish salad or Bikini Wrap for lunch. Veggies and hummus or salsa for a snack. Tray bakes and tacos for dinner. The options are endless! Pick your favorite recipes from the Nutrition Section of your #TIUapp!


2. TIU Treats!

Muffins. Cookies. Pancakes. Waffles. Smoothies. There are SO MANY delicious, healthy treats waiting for you in your #TIUapp. Whenever you want a lil’ something sweet, you’re totally covered! Check out some of our faves on Insta too!

So we’re challenging you to nix any non TIU approved desserts, candy, or added sugar for the next 21 days. We know you can do this!!! You have everything you need with your TIU…

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