The New Vegan Milk on the Block

The New Vegan Milk on the Block

The New Vegan Milk on the Block

Oat milk is popping up everywhere and is a delicious alternative to dairy, soy and nut milks. The drink is making its way into coffee shops, cafes and recipes due to its natural, creamy texture and tastes great in matcha lattes and coffee and espresso drinks.

Homemade oat milk is an easy and inexpensive alternative to other milks. It costs less than a dollar to make your own batch of oat milk that can last for days.

It can be nice to change things up a bit and rotate your milk alternatives around for a different flavor in your smoothies, with your hot or cold breakfast, used in chia puddings, in your cooking and as a hot beverage or just consumed straight. Oat milk offers a mild taste that you may enjoy more than almond or coconut milk.

From a health perspective, oats offer the added benefits of soluble fiber, particularly beta-glucans, which are known for lowering cholesterol, reducing blood sugar levels in diabetics, and supporting healthy immunity.

One cup of oat milk can provide up to 1.3g of beta-glucans per serving, and also provides 2.5g of protein and 3.8g of fiber with 3.5g being soluble fiber, which is an excellent amount and will work toward keeping you full for longer and supporting a healthy gut. Essentially, it’s a nice way to sneak more fiber into your day.

But you also need to beware that while oat milk is a great vegan option, when compared to other…

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