Healthy BBQ Ideas and Grill Recipes for Summertime

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It is a balmy summer evening. Your friends have gathered on the patio and the grill is hot. Sounds like the beginning of a perfect evening. Are you trying to eat a healthy diet and you’re looking for BBQ ideas? Barbecues often tempt us to consume food and beverages that are hard to digest and difficult to burn off. Fatty sauces, grilled meats and beer aren’t exactly the best choices if you want to take care of your health

We have put together some tips and healthy recipes so your next BBQ can be a healthy one.

    • It doesn’t always have to be steak: Consuming too much red meat can cause cancer and other diseases. (1) Try eating lean chicken, fish or a veggie/vegan alternative like tofu, a veggie burger or grillable cheese.
    • Be bold with colors: Decorate your table with a colorful array of foods. This can include a wide range of salads, homemade ice cream as a dessert or vitamin-enhanced water with cucumber, mango and lemon. Do you want to whip up a tasty cocktail? Then we have a yummy tip for you: Just mix watermelon with a dash of mineral water and some mint. Serve this vibrant drink with lots of ice cubes. It not only tastes fantastic but is amazingly refreshing on hot summer days.
    • Don’t buy it, make it yourself: Salad dressings and BBQ sauces are full of hidden calories and sugar. Make your own yogurt sauce with herbs and garlic. It tastes just as good as the store bought variety and contains less additives.
    • Stick to protein and vegetables: No matter how…

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