Do You Know These Five Hidden Emotions?

Do You Know These Five Hidden Emotions?

Hidden Emotions Revealed

Have you even been so angry that you cried? Or didn’t know the difference between guilt and shame? Well, sometimes as men, we don’t know how to properly interpret and access our own emotions.

Negative emotions can get in the way of your actions, interactions with others and your ability to think clearly. When you can’t make sense of your negative emotions, they can wreak havoc on your personal and professional life.

Yet, when you’re tuned into recognizing your emotions, you can better understand what they mean. Something inside of you is seeking your attention and understanding your emotions are the pathways to finding those answers.

Here are five hidden emotions that men often fail to recognize and in many ways are hidden from their awareness.

five hidden emotions
5 hidden emotions

1. Anger

How to Recognize it:

You might feel the urge to lash out. You could verbally lash out, throw things, or even punch the wall. Your temperature and heart rate rises. For some guys, their hands start to shake, and they experience severe headaches.

What it Could Mean:

The underlying message is that there’s an immediate change that needs to happen in your life. Anger is one the emotions that men can easily access. Its naturally tied to our aggression and assertiveness. Something inside of you is reacting to an injustice or something that’s just not fair. At its core, anger is an emotion that triggers a deep desire for change or action.

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