What I Love This Week

What I Love This Week

I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend! I know it’s not the typical celebration with big gatherings and beach days, but we can still try to enjoy the summer. Our family celebrated The Fourth with just the three (and a half) of us at home. We went for a family walk in our red, white, and blue gear (I borrowed a US soccer shirt from Daniel since I don’t have any maternity clothes that are particularly patriotic). We visited the chickens in our neighborhood and fed them some cherries (with our neighbors permission). Then we played in a giant elephant inflatable sprinkler we got as a gift. James absolutely loves water so he had a blast even though the elephant lost quite a bit of air while we played and so he kind of looked like he was lying down at the end 🙂 . We enjoyed grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and now Daniel and I are planning on watching Hamilton. I can’t wait. It was a really pleasant day even without traveling or getting together with friends and family. I hope everyone had a safe and fun summer holiday. Let me know how your family celebrated.

This week Daniel and I watched a couple of new shows:

We checked out “Perry Mason” because we love Matthew Rhys from The Americans. The show looks good with the costumes and period details but neither of us were really drawn into the story. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t as attention-grabbing as I hoped. I don’t think we’ll be continuing with this one.

We also watched…

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